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Neuropathy symptoms and yellow diarrhea after injesting vitamins

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by DKnickerbocker, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. DKnickerbocker


    Hi Folks... this is a continuation/offshoot of my Thread entitled "MTHFR Acute Symptoms"

    So as my previously thread discusses I have MTHFR and had a really bad reaciton to a bunch of B-vitamins back in november prior to my diagnosis... I then went on Methyl B-12 and Folate for about a month or so and did not do well with these. Stopped them about 3 weeks ago...

    Since then I've been getting some neuropathy pain in the back of my legs and butt... not continuous... only when I sit for perods of time...

    Then a week ago I ,made the mistake of eating 2 fortified protein bars and took a multi-vitamin... I had a violent reaction.... burning and tingling all over my body... liked I did previously and fluid retention. and very bad anxiety/agitation. (which is what happened in November...)

    The tingling and burning sensation subsided for a few days but came back yesturday.... this time all over my body... today it was better but, then I had diarrhea... it was very yellow and burned (sorry for grossing folks out !!!) I've read that yellow diarrhea is a sign of gallbladder issues. Anybody know if those B-vitamins could have messed up my gallbladder or my body is having trouble processing them ? This second bought of intense neuropathy symptoms seem to be coinciding with the yellow stool.

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