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natural remedies for pollen allergies?

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by Dreambirdie, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Dreambirdie

    Dreambirdie work in progress

    N. California
    Hi Hip--Because allergens (and toxins and viruses, and just about everything else) all screw up my sleep, I'm always looking for remedies for insomnia. GHB sounds really strong, and some of the side effects are a bit intense--nausea and vomiting, loss of muscle control, depressed respiration, hallucinations, agitation. It's known for being the "date rape drug." If taken in large quantities, it causes total unconsciousness. And also, from what I've read, it can be addictive, and can cause some extreme withdrawal symptoms, which put "extreme stress on the heart and circulatory system."

    On the positive side, "The natural function of GHB in the body might be to slow down brain activity during sleep. Gamma hydroxybutyrate affects several nerve pathways in the brain, including activating the body's pain-killing (opioid) system and raising levels of growth hormone. All that does sound appealing.

    When you took it, did you feel any of the negative side effects, and how did you feel when you stopped? Did you have withdrawal symptoms? Did you have long term negative effects--like issues with mood and memory? Any additional input about it would be helpful.
  2. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    I always took a relatively low dose of GHB, around 1 gram. (You can see the various GHB dosing regimens here).

    I only took GHB once per week: I used to go to the gym once a week in the evening, and when I came home, half an hour before going to bed, I would take 1 gram of GHB powder. My original purpose was just to boost growth hormone levels while I slept, in order to get an increase in muscle growth from my gym workout. (This was all many years prior to getting ME/CFS).

    However, I was soon very much impressed by the beautiful muscle relaxing and muscle softening effects of GHB, which feels great after a workout, and also the mood boosting and mind relaxing effects. GHB activates the calming GABA receptors in the brain.

    I continued taking 1 gram of GHB once a week for several months, until my supply ran out. This period of taking weekly GHB doses just happened to coincide with the spring/summer pollen season. Half way through this pollen season, I realized that my hay fever had completely disappeared! The next year, and subsequent years, I found that my hay fever never returned. I did not take any more GHB in the subsequent pollen seasons either.

    I never experienced any negative effects from GHB, but I expect this was because I took low 1 gram doses, and never took more than one GHB dose per week.

    Though if you look at the use of GHB (aka: sodium oxybate) for fibromyalgia, the dose here seems very high: 4.5 grams per night (ref: 1). I'd never want to take that kind of dose level. It seems extremely high.
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