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My VDR is blinking "+/+" -- What Can I Do to Fix It?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Jorlev, May 27, 2013.

  1. Jorlev


    Yes, I'm VDR Taq Homozygous. There's some interesting info on this SNP at the link below:
    http://www.heartfixer.com/AMRI-Nutrigenomics.htm#VDR Taq: Vitamin D Receptor Taq Abnormality

    Apparently this Vitamin D Receptor abnormality results in Lower Vitamin D levels and subsequently lower Dopamine. I was unaware that Dopamine also defends against microbes and metal toxicity.
    There also seems to be some connection between the workings of COMT and VDR taq.

    I'm normal for COMT, so this in conjunction with VDR taq HMZ results in the lowest dopamine levels and they body needs dopamine precursors and methyl donors.
    The following is suggested:

    "In such an individual, we would utilize the methylated forms of Methyl Cycle intermediates, including methyl-B12 if n TR/MTRR defect is present. Dopamine precursors such as quercetin, ginkgo biloba, and the herb macuna puriens might be helpful, as would a diet high in tyrosine, the amino acid precursor to dopamine. Other methyl donors, including melatonin, TMG, turmeric, theanine, along with MSM and SAMe (the latter two only for CBS (-/-) individuals) would make sense. To support BHMT, instead of Phosphatidylserine, we would use Pedi-Activ, which contains Phosphatidylserine and DMAE, a methyl donor. Rather than using GABA to deal with excitotoxicity, we would use Zen, which combines GABA with the methyl donor threanine."

    Wondering from anyone in the know of VDR Taq - I imagine you want to up you dose of Vitamin D through sun and supplementation but if the receptors are damaged does it help?

    Also, so of the helpers listed above like MSM and Tumeric are high is sulfur. I am CBS C699T HTZ so I guess those fixes wouldn't be beneficial for me.

    Any other thoughts on VDR Taq HMZ would be appreciated.
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  2. juniemarie

    juniemarie Senior Member

    Sorry can't shed any light but you seem to be getting some good info...I am +/- for VDR Taq and normal COMT, but +/+ for 2 of the MTRR's I guess I need to reread Heartfixers comments cause its still a bit befuddling to me...I am pretty sure I need to give methyl b12 a try. Did Heartfixer mention taking lecithin to replace the phosphatidylserine?
  3. Jorlev


    Don't know about them mentioning lecithin. The link above covers more than just VDR taq. It give a great breakdown on the most important SNPs, their effect and how to compensate for them.

    Would love to hear from anyone with more info on VDR

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