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Mouth and throat yeast infections?

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by Carrigon, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Carrigon

    Carrigon Senior Member

    PA, USA
    My aunt has severe CFIDS/ME, and she was just diagnosed with a mouth and throat yeast infection. It's so bad that she is slurring her speech. They gave her some antifungal for it, but she said it's not working. Has anyone heard of this before? I don't really know what to tell her to do other than probiotics. She's so down because nothing is making it better. I know of someone else who has Lyme who just got this same thing. No one seems to know what to do for it.
  2. Jemal

    Jemal Senior Member

    Hi Carrigon,

    I have had some issues with yeast infections in my mouth as well, though not so severe. My wife suffers from chronic yeast infections (she is otherwise very healthy though and shows no signs of ME/CFS). These yeast fungi are part of our body and they only start causing trouble when the balance is disturbed. People taking antibiotics for example or people who have compromised immune systems. As our immune systems are probably compromised, I am not surpised we are having these kind of issues. Chronic yeast infections are also very common in people with HIV because of this.

    Antifungals don't always seem to work. That's why all kinds of diets were developed. That's the only thing I can think of (besides probiotics, which are also a good idea) that your aunt could try, a candida diet.This diet eliminates all sugars, yeast, dairy, etc and it gradually starves the fungi. During most of these diets you also take natural remedies against yeasts, like for example garlic pills (though this becomes a bit more edgy as there's not always proof these remedies work).

    I personally know people who have eliminated yeast infections by following these diets. I even know one person who has very much improved her ME/CFS condition by following such a diet (this becomes a bit more edgy again as I can't be sure it was the candida that caused her condition, she might have suffered from bad allergies or something else). This is the reason why I am following a diet like this myself right now, though I have had no benefit yet on the ME/CFS side of things... but I am not following the diet very strictly yet. This is because the diet can be difficult to follow. It eliminates many of the fun foods in life... I am having a very hard time eliminating all sugars. I think I have eliminated them for about 80% now during the last month, but the other 20% is so difficult.

    If you Google candida diet you will get loads of information.
  3. Carrigon

    Carrigon Senior Member

    PA, USA
    Thanks. I'm not sure if she is actually having much yeast or sugar. She is diabetic. But she has been on antibiotics way too much.

    I've had problems with yeast for a long time with this disease. I do get better when I cut out breads and sugar, too.
  4. heapsreal

    heapsreal iherb 10% discount code OPA989,

    australia (brisbane)
    Im sure there are nystatin drops which is an antifungal/yeast treatment that u can gargle that works for mouth and throat yeast infections, otherwise, diflucan or nizoral tablets would do the trick for fungal/yeast infections.

  5. stp


    35/yr male here. I believe I am having problems with candida yeast also. Since March 2008 I've had a spot of seborrheic dermatitis on my cheek which is believed to be caused by candida yeast overgrowth. Well, last October it started spreading and now covers half my face in red itchy blotches that flare with stress and when I eat sugary foods. It's annoying, itchy, and makes me self conscious about it. Well over the spring it spread down to my genital areas a little bit and occasionally gets red and itchy. Over this past summer I've been taking a lot of natural supplements, eating healthy, and getting into better shape than I've been in years to try and get a better hold on my CFS. I've lost a lot of weight and have generally felt better until this past week when the weather changed and got much cooler/rainy. I now believe the yeast have gotten into my urethra because it's been very painful to urinate the last few days and I noticed a lymph node in my groin area has become swollen and tender. I'm trying to make an appointment and get into my dr today to get an anitfungal rx. The yeast problem has transitioned from an annoyance to becoming a very scary situation for me. I truly believe that at least part of my immune system has become nonexistent since I developed CFS in Feb of 2007. This is the same kind of stuff people with HIV deal with but I don't have it.

    I haven't had a big problem with oral yeast yet but I do think my tongue is a bit more white than it should be. I also tried the spit in a glass of water test when I woke up today to see if there is candida yeast present in my mouth and it definitely showed there are. Good luck and please anyone else let me know if you have had trouble with seborrheic dermatitis/ candida yeast infection. I'm very scared that my immune system can even fight off a simple fungal infection nowadays. :(
  6. justy

    justy Senior Member

    Hi Carrigon, i had severe systemic candida/yeast infection in my mouth and throat and oeasophagus for nearly a year after lots of antibiotics and steroids, it was a horrible thing to have and very distressing and very difficult to clear up, although happily i have now completely eliminated it.

    It took the best part of a year following a very very strict candida diet -no sugar whatsoever including no fruit for a couple of months and no sugar substitues such as apple or date concentrate (but xylitol is ok) I onloy had to have a teaspoon of medicine with glucose in it to get a reaction again so you do have to be very strict. After following the diet for a month i introduced caprylic acid in the form of mycopryl -you have to start with low doses and work up to full dose because of die off. Then i introduced garlic capsules and probiotics -the best one for me is growing my own kefir.
    A course of fluconazole for 10 days would also help but you cant take it long term as the yeast becomes immune to it. Nystatin is commonly used by many doctors but it can have a rebound effect of the yeast coming back.

    I now have the yeast under control and i can eat a more normal diet including some sugar and some bread without problems. the diet even sorted out a small patch of athletes foot i couldnt get rid of for years. It also helped with the poisened feeling i had had for a long time and the morning hangovers even though i dont drink anymore.
    It didnt sadly cure my M.E as it seems to have done for others but its a good thing to sort out.
    Take care, Justy.x

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