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Writer Never Give Up talks about Julie Rehmeyer's new book "Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer's Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn't Understand" and shares an interview with Julie ...
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More bad news for UK patients.

Discussion in 'Finances, Work, and Disability' started by Sean, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Sean

    Sean Senior Member

  2. yeah why not let Blackwater run our army and police, eh?
    sell off the NHS to BUPA....

    for the AMericans who may not know about this stuff, the UK's national health service had public, in-house cleaning services, they were superb
    then it was sold off to private companies and it went ot hell, deaths from infection soared, dirty wards became commonplace
    you pay peanuts, you get monkeys
    managers made tons, workers got crap, there was no esprit de corp, it was all money money money....and things went to hell.

    Cameron's showing his true nature: fascist, corporate sell-out, scumbag. Hey he was a hedge fund manager, the scuzzballs who're partially responsible for our economic collapse, what do you expect?
  3. Merry

    Merry Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio, USA
    Oh no. Worse and worse.

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