A Little Poisoning Along the Road to ME/CFS
Looking at my symptoms, many of which are far less these days and some are gone, it would be easy to figure that I'd just been dealing with some heavy-duty menopausal issues.
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Mold tests and Doctors in Canada

Discussion in 'Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities' started by Approximately_me, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Approximately_me


    Hi all,

    I had this originally posted in the general section, but realized it would be better placed here.

    I live a couple hours from Winnipeg in Brandon, MB. I moved into a moldy house, you know the rest. I moved out and immediately improved a lot but suddenly developed a host of immune problems, most of which are expressed neurologically.

    Yeast is also a consideration. I also suspect some viral activity, maybe Lyme. Who knows.

    I've been wanting to check C3a/C4a and haplotype but are unsure of how to go about it in Canada.

    I have a pretty open minded doctor who even prescribed cholastyramine based on info I gave him, so I have a "normal" doc that is willing to help.

    But I'd like to find a doc specializing in this stuff. Are there even any docs that follow Shoemaker in my area orin Canada in general?

    Also, how do I get these tests from American labs in Canada?

    Thanks a bunch guys.

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