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methylation protocol

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by finalgates, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. finalgates


    so the protocol i am doing is this.

    when i wake up:4mg methyfolate (solgar),855 carnitine fumarate (dr best) and 500mg ALCAR (primaforce),5g d-ribose (dr best),2g tmg (jarrow).after taking this i take now foods mb12 10mg and solgar mb12 5mg under the tongue.when they get dissolved i wait half and hour to swallow.until breakfast

    after half an hour with breakfast:434 mg vitamine E (jarrow GAMMA E),5000iu vit d3(healthy origins), 5mg vitamin k2 mk4(carlson labs),boron 3-9mg (now),copper bisglycinate 9mg(bluebonnet),iodine slowly from 1,5mg to 12,5mg a day(iodoral),100mcg chromium polynicotinate(source naturals),omega 3 1gram (carlson)1 teaspoon celtic sea salt,and anabol ADEB12 under tongeu for 20 minutes.i am thinking to take 100mg ubiquinol too but freddd said coq10 increased his blood preassure and i experienced this ubiquinol the same?

    after 3 hours on empty stomach:500mg thiamin(solgar),100mg r5p(thorne),200mg p5p oral(not enteric coated) for pyroluria (source naturals),900mg pantethine (jarrow),5mg biotin(healthy origins),pycnogenol healthy origins(for allergies,high histamine,inflammation)

    after 1 hour with food:calcium citrate 250-333mg(natures way or source naturals),some potassium chloride

    after 4 hours with last meal:vitamin A 10000iu(solgar),20mg manganese(twinlab),200mcg selenium monomethionine(natures way),200mcg molybdenum(solgar),1g vitamin c(sodium ascorbate), some potassium chloride

    after 4 hours-before bed on empty stomach:90mg zinc monomethionine(life extension),850mg magnesium malate(source naturals tablets),2,5mg lithium orotate (dr best),1 capsule lactobilus acidophilus probiotic NOW,niacin 50mg,some pottasium chlride

    my meals are:meat with some rice and some olive oil and a bit coconut oil.2-3 caps betaine hcl,1 cap digestive enzymes by NOW are taken with meals.

    i started many of this supplements(mb12 folate are in this) 3 months ago and i have a lot of energy in the beggining crashed but now is as it was depression is the beggining i had terrible headaches but now only a little.only the nausea is the problem right now.and fatigue,brain fog(but fatigue,brain fog arent worse than before starting).so i will push through and see what happens.i started because i had very high histamine symtpoms and i know methylation is hey in reducing histamine.i also had low neurotransmitters fatigue and brain fog.i also have thalassemia with hematocrit 37 to 38.

    so my question is:is my supplement choice and timing good?any bad interactions?something to change?

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