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Methylation insomnia

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by fischi, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. fischi


    Hi guys. I've read some threads and in the end feel bit confused. I started methylation repair last month with high doses of MB12 sublingual 5mg. For the first month everything was great. Since July i started metafolin with 400mcg and since than i feel rly bad. I'm suffering from insomnias, a lot of wake ups during the night. Tried phenibut, didn't actually work out. Today i dropped all of the supplements i'm taking. Since tommorow i'm going to supplement only magnesium, d, k, a, pregnenolon which i'm rly deficient. Still i'm waiting for my 23andmeresults, but as much as reading i've already done i feel tired but wired. Each night i have like google in my mind, and at 3 am i'm ready to weak up and do the s... Any ideas? Thanks.

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