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methylation, hypohomocysteine and muscle wasting?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by fozzaw, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. triffid113

    triffid113 Day of the Square Peg

    Dannybex, I would worry more about bph when taking DHEA. Whether or not you can take it depends on what your body makes of it. That does not mean you should not take it (unless you can't figure it out) but that you should figure out how to get your body to make the right things out of it. So for a BIG clue, zinc is an aromatase inhibitor so don;t be low on zinc when taking DHEA and you might dodge any potential problem. I have lots of hair and I attribute it to eating an egg every day (sulfur) and putting a priority on antioxidants. Life Extension says that antioxidants have a huge role in protecting hair follicles. However the culprit is DHT I think. Which again goes to what hormones you make out of DHEA. I am not sure what limits DHT but I believe it is 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. SO

    I take Life Extensions cruciferous vegetable extract to get my body to make the right hormones out of DHEA. The Meridian Valley labs I get to show me what hormones I am making tell me right on the lab report that broccoli will help me make the right hormones, I take it, and I make the right hormones. Here;s what I take: http://www.iherb.com/Life-Extension-Triple-Action-Cruciferous-Vegetable-Extract-60-Veggie-Caps/22969

    I also make sure to get enough iodine, selenium, and vitamin D as deficiencies in these lead to cancer. So that means a multivitamin plus for me a separate high dose D. You should read Lfe EXtension regarding hormone replacement before you embark on it. I have no idea if less DHEA has a significant effect. I run my DHEA higher than normal because it feels right and my doctors are ok with that because I make the right things out of it. Here's one of many Life Extension articles on safer hormone replacement for men: http://www.lef.org/protocols/male_reproductive/male_hormone_restoration_01.htm
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  2. dannybex

    dannybex Senior Member

    Is that all that you needed to fix your kreb's cycle -- more Coq10? If so, I'm insanely jealous. :) I know I haven't gotten enough pantothenate, and b3, although I think I have enough b2. Also will be starting the Kreb's Cycle Chelates as soon as I get that @#**!! OAT over and done with. Hopefully this weekend... :)

    My thyroid tests as normal, doc did all the t3, t4, etc., tests, but indeed, it has worsened in the last 8 years or so and is now at 2.41. But there's no way my doc will treat that, as again, the lab report she has show's it's in the "normal" range. Can't get far with medicaid docs. I'm hoping that working on the krebs and continuing with methylation (and perhaps adding some coconut oil) will help the thyroid function better.

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