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"Medically Unexplained Symptoms, Somatisation and Bodily Distress"

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by ixchelkali, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. SilverbladeTE

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    Give that man a hand! :)
    yes, like oh from what I've read, Mitt Romney recently "Corproatiosn are people!" and all other such garbage including now a push to tax the lowest end of US society!! corporations are THE worst evil Humanity has ever created, because, unlike the traditional models that spawn horrors, corporations have been set up so no one person can be the fall guy, and the "system" avoids blame.
    ie, no Stalin, Hitler of king to be accused and held guilty and executed/jailed.

    Yes, corporations can pour toxic waste into ground water,
    • hide and increase the lethality/addictiveness of the worst drug known to Mankind which is tobacco, killign 100 million people by year 2000,
    • Exporting weapons to murderous manics all over
    • Selling Nuclear Biologocial and Chemical weapon tech to regimes we later deplore and attack (and our governments secretly encouraged the sales!)
    • Selling torture weapons to the Saudis and others while we've got conventions against such and accuse them in public of such abuses.
    • Every damn week more scandals/evils emerge from Pharma Corporations, such as hiding the fact that many of their drugs don't work or have safety issues
    • Aggro-Chem companies practices are causes vast algael blooms and oceanic anoxia, as well as having poisoned us for 40 odd years with some of the deadliest chemicals known
    etc etc, and GET AWAY WITH IT!

    The Nazis were NOT voted in, the elite in Germany, largely the business leaders/corporations, put them in power (check your history), but at the Nuremberg Trials, despite the US prosecutors lambasting them as the actual architects of the war and atrocity form which they profitted by obscene amounts, only ONE of those monsters was executed and only one got a 10 year prison sentence.

    Making a living, small business are "natural", Big Business is an abhorrent monster.
  2. Snow Leopard

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    The problem is that Niall McLaren's alternative is worse. You should read what he has to say about medically unexplained symptoms.. Ugh.....

    Ironically, the following logic is flawed according to the biopsychosocial model:

    Statement: If a symptom is biomedically unexplained, then it is likely to be due to psychological causes.

    It is flawed as the model is not meant to separate biomedical and psychological causes. If a symptom is real, then it will have an associated biomedical finding, even if the primary cause was psychosocial stress for example.

    But yet, the above statement is exactly what the UK psychiatrists are implying. We need to recognise that it is merely a philosophical assumption and there is no scientific basis.
  3. oceanblue

    oceanblue Guest

    Thanks for that, I hadn't read about his alternative. His view: "Statement: If a symptom is biomedically unexplained, then it is likely to be due to psychological causes" is extraordinary. Do all psychiatrists have problems with idea of supporting a hypothesis with robust evidence?

    That said, I don't think these weird views undermine his criticism of the biopsychosocial model - that it is untested and untestable.

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