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ME/CFS Medical Abnormalities Summary

Discussion in 'Latest ME/CFS Research' started by slayadragon, May 9, 2014.

  1. slayadragon

    slayadragon Senior Member

    Here is an updated list of 500+ peer-reviewed articles showing physiological medical abnormalities in ME/CFS.


    My experience is that this is a very good resource to use with M.D.'s, journalists and others who are skeptical about whether the disease is "real" or who have misconceptions about it.

    A website page on the Paradigm Change site describing this information is here:


    Best, Lisa
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  2. NK17

    NK17 Senior Member

    The above is an exceptional and well put together CV of the most important findings and studies in the field of ME/CFS research.

    Thank you Lisa ;)!
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  3. NK17

    NK17 Senior Member

    @slayadragon I wanted to let you know that I've forwarded the pdf to Dr. Carlo-Stella (she is presently working as a clinician in Italy and has done top notch published biomedical research in the ME/Cfs field, on top of being one of the cosignatories of the 2011 ICC) and this was her comment:

    " It's really wonderful, exhaustive and well done.
    I've already downloaded it and will refer to it in my clinical practice."

    I thought I should let you know and share the small joy with you ;).

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