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Mcas and Gut healing (Candida/Sibo)

Discussion in 'Mast Cell Disorders/Mastocytosis' started by Jasper80, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Jasper80


    Hello world,

    I wonder if anyone has any Idea how it may be possbile (even with weird Workarounds) to heal a severe Candida Infection/ fermentable Gut, while having MCAS?

    How Can it be possible to strengthen the immunsystem without Mastcellattacks? It´s like an impossible Thing to do. My Dr. (not a Mastcell Specialist, but the best I have right now) wanted to enhace my Immunsytem through Autovaccine. But I really react to the Injections as well with hard Gut crampings and so on.

    I really Try to Keep fighting, but I find no Way at all. I don´t tolerate the usual Mastcell drugs :(

    Is their any crazy idea left or "This is it"?

    Thanks to all of you

    (I have a high TH1 activation)
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