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Massive Inflammation Test Results

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by girlinthesnow, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. girlinthesnow

    girlinthesnow Senior Member

    Is it autoimmune, infectious disease, one then the other, or both at once?

    I have chronic VZ virus, activated EBV, my first symptoms were a flu like short illness in 1987 after travelling from Canada to the UK followed shortly by severe anxiety, muscle pain, OI and migraines.

    I've gotten sicker over time with no remission except during pregnancy in 1992, am now mainly bed bound.

    I've had oral and IV abx for the past 4 years, Lyme disease was diagnosed symptomatically as I've had no positive tests for Borrelia or co-infections except a 'grey' result for Bartonella sp. Mould panel was negative.

    RedLabs Test Results

    1,25 Di-OH (vit D) +112 (normal range 20-75 pg/mL)

    Perforin mRNA 1010 (normal range 250-750)

    Prostaglandin E2 23.82 (normal range 0.1-2.81)

    VEGF 1.54 (normal range 0.37-1.49)

    IL 1beta serum 22 (normal range 0-3)

    IL-6 serum 34 (normal range 0-5)

    IL-8 serum 4498 (normal range 0-15)

    MCP1 798 (normal range 0-165)

    MIP-1beta serum 198 (normal range 0-155)
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