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LTD Appeal was denied

Discussion in 'Finances, Work, and Disability' started by sleepwalking, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Jarod

    Jarod Senior Member

    planet earth
    It's a little late, but part of your problem was with your attourney. The other second problem might be that website you used. That disability website has an agenda if you ask me, like most of the web forums/blogs on important subject matter.

    You need to find an attourney upfront that fight the good fight all the way through court. This requires making numerous phone calls and interviewing these attourneys.

    The attourney should say so right before he takes your case. If not, you will get hosed when they try to force you to settle in arbitration or will not take the insurace company to court lke you found out the hard way.

    Regarding Hartford's surveillance. Here is an article on that.
  2. AbbyDear


    Sleepwalking, I am so sorry. It's a bit late, but I just joined here. This is so typical, and insurance comapnies are so cut-throat, immoral, unethical. I do not know how they can sleep. I can see some due dilegence to proove someone is not faking, but once that is determined, than they should own up to what they are bound to do. I was denied ST disability, (and therefore LT was out of the question), then I lost my job after the medical leave (it was like it was scripted). They first denied the claim after a 5 minute phone call... then (like a month later) after not receiving a reason for denial I called and they said it was not denied, but were waiting for more info... pretty much wanted the treatment notes during the 3 month process... well this brings everything to a head when it is time to go back to work...with no answers you are stuck..... more to the story but when I contacted an attorney, she basically said she would decide if she would work on consignment after reviewing the case, but if she worked on per-hour basis, it would cost $10,000 to appeal (and it might not be a sure thing). So my take is that attorneys will not take the tough cases on consignmemt, and even on per-hour basis is iffy. My take is that lawyers just want the slam-dumk easy cases. Ones with lots of precidence, lots of objective documentation. Anyhow, hope things worked out.

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