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Live Blood Analysis

Discussion in 'Diagnostic Guidelines and Laboratory Testing' started by taniaaust1, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. redaxe

    redaxe Senior Member

    Rlman - Yes I had an almond chocolate bar about an hour before, I did drink a bit not too much though as the doc had me on a Vitamin B, C and glutathione IV drip while he did the analysis

    I'm inclined to agree with your PoV Esther I think its an easy field for a quack to look at a patients live blood and tell them they have X Y Z.
    But then doesn't this problem apply to many fields of medicine? How many CFS/ME patients have been referred to a psychiatrist who nearly all seem to believe our condition is a mental disorder and we just need counselling & happy pills?
    I've witnessed this frequently, every medical specialist is trained to view a disease from the Point-of-View of their training. Even the sleep specialist I saw early on (once my sleep rhythms broke) was convinced it was just caused by me sitting at a computer late at night & he approached my worsening symptoms from a 'psychology' point of view. Insultingly he even suggested I had a form of schizophrenia (but this was based on zero evidence whatsoever, he just came out with this claim from nowhere). I asked him about the possibility of CFS (not knowing anything about it at that time) and his smug answer was "That's not something you want to be labelled with".
    Honestly I've found that many specialists can be as bad as the quacks we hear of in the alternative health field - the only thing that makes them worse is they believe that because they are MDs they can presume to have the right to diagnose patients based off very sloppy evidence.

    But back on subject, I think the only reliable diseases you could identify from Live Blood Analysis would be blood diseases like Malaria, Leukemia and sickel cell, and some varieties of anaemia.....

    I dunno though, in my current CFS condition symptoms tell me that every system of my body is somewhat run-down
    - liver (poor alcohol tolerance)
    - brain (reduced memory, cognition)
    - hormones & involuntary homeostasis(upset circadian rhythm, orthostatic intolerance)
    - digestion (IBS)
    - muscles/cardio (poor energy/stamina)
    - immune (low stress tolerance, get colds easily, multiple sensitivity to artificial chemicals)

    With such a wide range of symptoms it would seem logical that there are going to be problems in the bloodstream (they may not be the central cause of CFS/ME but since our condition does seem to mirror many of the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency & seems to be associated with high oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation etc it would be reasonable to assume that there are going to be problems with the functional status of blood cells.
    This is the problem with CFS - literally every system in the body is affected so why would we not expect our blood to look worse on average than a healthy person?
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  2. Hell...Hath...No...Fury..

    Hell...Hath...No...Fury.. Senior Member

    I had this done about 10 years ago, and most of my blood cells had something dark in the centre of them that he said was a virus also.

    I was peeved though as before i paid for the analysis he said a photograph was included in the price, and then as soon as it was done, he did a complete U-turn and decided i couldn't have a copy of the photo afterall, and it made me smell a rat. I was really disappointed at the time.
  3. redaxe

    redaxe Senior Member

    That is annoying

    But to be honest I would assume that the severity of your symptoms especially the 'tiredness and lack of energy and severity of Post-exertional/relapse crashes' is likely to give you a pretty good indication of your general cellular health (probably just as good as Live Blood Analysis).
    We know already that CFS/ME is associated with high inflammation and poor antioxidant status - this is what leads to cell damage.


    As Myhill suggestions antioxidant depletion can affect every cell in the body and our symptoms indicate this also. Glutathione is needed to protect cellular Mitochondria from free-radical and toxic damage. For me the live blood results just confirmed many of my fears; that oxidative stress is poisoning me (So the conclusion for me is that it is essential to continue on the Glutathione & Vitamin B/C IV treatment and to continue taking all the nutraceutical support even IF I start feeling 100% again.
    Its expensive but I don't really see any other option. If I have another live blood analysis in a few months and my blood looks healthier again well I would expect that my symptoms would tell me the same thing... i.e I would expect a remission of the illness....
  4. Rlman

    Rlman Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    a lot of people with lyme disease report live blood cell analysis showing their infections, which has proven really helpful, especially when blood tests fail to diagnose the infections

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