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9th Invest in ME International ME Conference, 2014 - Part 2: Pathogens and the Gut
Mark Berry continues his series of articles on the 9th Invest in ME International ME Conference in London, with the emphasis shifting from autoimmunity to pathogens and the gut ...
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Lets let 10,000 people see this video

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by SaveMe, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. SaveMe

    SaveMe *****

    the city
    A message to everyone:

    not many CFS videos have alot of view counts. In order to raise view count, and thus promote awareness, action needs to be taken. You see, a search on youtube for any subject will display only vids with the "highest view count" or "most discussed." In order to get this vid up there, please post more comments on it, give more thumbs up, and share it on forums, blogs, or where ever!

    Lets let 10,000 people see this video!:victory:

    p.s: if you dont have a youtube account it is fast and free to set up. ;)

    here is a good WPI vid as well
  2. Marg

    Marg Senior Member

    Wetumpka Alabama
    Let's let 10,000 people see this video!

    Great idea, I watched it the other day and now again. I think Tina T said she was going to try and get him for an interview, that would be great.

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