Phoenix Rising tells QMUL: release the PACE trial data
Mark Berry, Acting CEO of Phoenix Rising, presents the Board of Directors’ open letter to Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) urging them to release the PACE trial data, and hopes that other non-UK organisations will join British charities in the same request...
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LDN: International Conference to Raise Awareness about a Ground-Breaking Drug

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Firestormm, May 30, 2014.

  1. Firestormm

    Firestormm Guest

    Cornwall England
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  2. koco


    Hi all,

    I'm a patient at the Institute for Immune Medicine at Nova Southeastern University. I've been diagnosed with CFIDS as well as cell-mediated immune deficiency. My natural killer cell count and activity are both below the 10th percentile. My cytokine activity is all over the place (most measures are very low and some are too high). I have a positive titer for Epstein Barr virus as well as HHV-6. I'm low for several neurotransmitters and I do not show a normal diurnal cortisol cycle. I've been slowly building a low dose of Naltrexone since July by increasing by 0.1mgs per week. At present, I'm taking 1.5mgs. I'm also taking a battery of supplements produced by a company called NeuroScience. I'd be grateful for feedback from others with the same or similar diagnosis who have been taking Naltrexone. What changes, if any have you noticed? How much are you taking? How long did it take to feel improvement?

    Many thanks.
  3. sillysocks84

    sillysocks84 Senior Member

    @koco try starting a new thread if you have yet to be answered :)

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