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Klonopin stopped working after 1 week use

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by Thinktank, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    I have experience with this. The benzos are very addictive and can be hard to taper off of. The reason is, as they leave your system, they cause more anxiety/panic attacks. So you feel anxious, so you take more klonopin to cover the anxiety. Then you're into a vicious cycle.

    My suggestion would be to reduce by a small amount, then hold at that amount for a week. In my experence with both Klonopin and Xanax, at the one week mark you will experience an increase in anxiety/panic. That is a withdrawal symptom due to the drug, caused by the neurotransmitters in your brain readjusting to the new level.

    This is where you need to hold on and don't increase the dose. Once you're through that (lasts about a day), you should feel normal again. At that point, I would hold at the same dose for several more days until I felt ready for the next dose reduction. It will probably take several months to get off.

    If you're having extreme problems, then only reduce by 10% of the previous dose. This is not the same as reducing by 10% of the original dose. It creates a diminishing reduction every time, and this is tolerated easier by the brain. See the Paxil Progress forum for more info.

    At the same, time you can do some of the supplements you listed as they don't interact with benzos - theanine, melatonin, and magnesium. I think the ZMA would also be ok, but I haven't taken that personally.

    My naturopath had me taking magnesium and theanine three times a day. I think also 5htp, which acts on serotonin. Then 1/2 of a melatonin at bedtime. Sometimes 1.5mg is more effective than a whole 3mg pill. Also one Kavinace at bedtime.

    The Klonopin and theanine both work on GABA. It's very common for ME patients (and those with methylation problems) to have a GABA/glutamate imbalance. GABA and glutamate are neurotransmitters. GABA is calming and glutamate is excitatory. When you have too much glutamate relative to GABA, then you're wired and can have problems sleeping.

    So you can take GABA supplements such as GABA or theanine, and also work on getting glutamates out of your diet. The worst offender is MSG. Unfortunately, it's in most processed foods. It can be a minefield trying to pick out which foods have MSG and which don't. So the easiest thing is probably to stop eating processed food, including sauces, and spice mixes. Eat real food and cook from scratch just like grandma or great grandma did.

    Then there are four main real foods to avoid if you're having further problems - peas, tomatoes, mushrooms, and Parmesan cheese.

    All of these foods are probably your favorite foods. This is because MSG/glutamate tickles all your taste receptors and makes food taste really, really good (which is why they put it in everything). The Japanese call this the fifth taste (after salty, sweet, sour and bitter). The word they use for it is "umami".

    In general, sleep problems are neurotransmitter problems. The low levels of neurotransmitters are caused by poor methylation. The majority of the supps I mentioned work on neurotransmitters.

    The long term fix is to fix methylation. As I've been doing methylation, I don't need any of those supps any more except for magnesium (and I've been able to cut way back on that). I sleep pretty decent any more.
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  2. PNR2008

    PNR2008 Senior Member

    OH USA
    I take .5m klonopin with a Vicodin or requip or propanonal. The acetominiphen with hydro is probably as bad for the liver as taking alchohol but any small bit even half a beer makes me sick. If you find a good combination stick with it until you can slowly taper off of klonopin but I mean weeks and months. Sometimes I've tried a drug reduction and then went back to my regular dosage to find klonopin works better.

    Klonopin not only helps with the speeding mind but tremor, RLS and migraine so even though my PCP said she would not prescribe it (cracking down in OH) my nuerologist was fine with it, so he prescribes it.
  3. physicsstudent13

    physicsstudent13 Senior Member

    the terrible thing for me is that I can't get klonopin easily for my sleep disorder and it seems to lose it's effectiveness, 0.5mg isn't working well. I think it's better to take it with GABA, I seem to sleep better
  4. Thinktank

    Thinktank Senior Member

    @caledonia thanks for sharing your experience.
    I quit drinking alcohol and i had withdrawal symptoms the first 4 days. I didn't drink even that much, maybe one or two beers or a vodka mix but i guess that was just enough to induce or reduce certain CYP's which made the clonazepam more effective.
    I'm now trying to taper off and maybe switch to diazepam in the near future.
    I've also ordered pharmagaba and am looking for a transdermal version of ZMA as both products have a noticeable effect on my sleep.

    I will start methylation within a few weeks after my appointment with Dr. KDM and having my neurotransmitters (in red blood cells) and methylation factors tested.
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  5. physicsstudent13

    physicsstudent13 Senior Member

    well it works for my sleep disorder, maybe central apnea, but does it shrink or damage the brain and memory and cognition somehow?

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