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Klimas's Clinic Florida what is her treatment?

Discussion in 'ME/CFS Doctors' started by hensue, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. hensue

    hensue Senior Member

    Has anyone been to the clinic? I think from what I read it is pretty expensive. Does anyone know of the treatment she has?

    If I have posted in wrong area please move me.
  2. leaves

    leaves Senior Member

    I would like to know too. i contacted them if they have treatment for xmrv but they said they didnt. dont know if its worth it to go or to better wait until we know more about xmrv
    any suggestions?
  3. Kati

    Kati Patient in training

    No one has a XMRV treatment as of yet. However when a clinical trial comes you can be sure Dr Klimas will be involved in it- it's right in her alley. Personally i'd say it wouldn't hurt to be her patient now before the wait lists get too long.
  4. goldiland


    South Florida
    I am a long standing patient of Dr. Klimas and live in South Florida. Her waiting list is close to 9 months for new patients, although the University of Miami has recently hired an additional CFS physician to work with Nancy and they will likely be able to add patient volume to the practice. At my last appointment, Klimas advocated waiting until there was a more standardized test for XMRV, which she thought would be available in the next year.

    Nancy does perform some expensive immunological testing to evaluate viral titers, natural killer cell activity, cytokine expression, etc. I can't speak for all of her treatment plans but she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, including immune modulators, anti-viral drugs, sleep drugs, etc. I've had a lot of improvement with her protocols over a period of time. You will want to have a primary care physician working with you and her who can monitor you on a regular basis. She is not easily accessible between visits and I typically see her two to three times each year.
  5. Anika

    Anika Senior Member

    I'd heard the waiting list at UM was over two years, but that the private clinic she oversees that just opened a few months ago can see people more quickly. My understanding is that she supervises the private clinic, but the actual visit is not with her (too bad she hasn't been cloned yet!).

    Has anyone here been to the private clinic yet, or know how long the wait is there? I would have loved to get in any way I could when I first got sick.
  6. dsdmom

    dsdmom Senior Member

    I have an appt April 12th and am looking forward to it. When I made the appointment they were booking a few weeks out - I just can't go until April. They have been very helpful thus far....and I am traveling there from Boston. They recommend coming in on Sunday and staying until Tuesday. I will update after my appt!
  7. girlinthesnow

    girlinthesnow Senior Member


    I've posted a short account of my experience at Dr Klimas' Dadeland Clinic on another thread. The account isn't complete yet as I still have to post (as yet unreceived) test results.


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