International ME/CFS and FM Awareness Day Is On May 12, 2018
Thomas Hennessy, Jr., selected May 12th to be our international awareness day back in 1992. He knew that May 12th had also been the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She was the English army nurse who helped to found the Red Cross as well as the first school of nursing in the world.
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Kim McCleary - XMRV, the Media and the Long Road Ahead for XMRV

Discussion in 'Media, Interviews, Blogs, Talks, Events about XMRV' started by Cort, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Cort

    Cort Phoenix Rising Founder

    A rather long letter from Kim McCleary on the state of XMRV - that, among other things, focused on the role the media has played in the public perception of XMRV.

  2. *GG*

    *GG* senior member

    Concord, NH
    thanks for posting this, where did you find it? I wish they would send out emails in regards to "news". I don't regularly check their website. I believe I "Liked" them on Facebook, just seems they should make us more aware of what they are doing without going to their website to "dig" for the info.

  3. jspotila

    jspotila Senior Member

    GG, the article was sent out via email through the CFIDSLink, which you can sign up for here for free:

    The Link format sends you a single email with brief summaries and links to the articles on the website. I hope this helps!

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