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Ketotifen available in Melbourne AU

Discussion in 'Mast Cell Disorders/Mastocytosis' started by Nightingale, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Nightingale

    Nightingale Chronically Cool

    Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to let you guys know that ketotifen is available in Australia. I was told by my former immunologist that it was not available in Australia, so I wanted to let you all know. In Eltham, VIC, Thompsons Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that provides ketotifen.

    Hope this helps! :)
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  2. kangaSue

    kangaSue Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Many compounding pharmacies will be able to make this up in Australia. I've priced it at a couple of them in Brisbane, from memory I could get it for $40 for 30ml suspension or $80 for 100 capsules. You can get it over the counter at Pharmacies in the way of Zaditen eye drops.

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