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KDM results log

Discussion in 'The Gut: De Meirleir & Maes; H2S; Leaky Gut' started by cigana, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. cigana

    cigana Senior Member


    As there are more and more people here with results from KDM (through RED laboratories), I thought it would be useful to have a central place where results could be recorded and discussed.
    Hopefully that way we might learn something, who knows even spot some interesting patterns that our doctors are too busy to notice!

    This is now done through a private Google Document (to protect patient privacy), which is very simple to use. Just send me a message and I will send you the private link. From there you simply copy/paste your results into the document.

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  2. cigana

    cigana Senior Member

    Here is an example of the kind of things we store in the private document:

    My main symptoms are:

    ------------------------General Immune Tests---------------------------------------------------
    ANOX (0.33-0.65) total antioxidant capacity
    Bartonella PCR (neg)
    Borrelia PCR (neg)
    C3As (0.58-1.9) C3A serum level
    C4AS (0.57-1.68) C4A serum level
    CD57 (60-360) CD57 absolute count
    ELAS (0-150) elastase expression
    Nagalase (0.32-0.95) nagalase activity
    PERF (250-750) perforin mRNA expression
    sCD14 (2880-5000) soluble CD14
    PGE2f (0,10- 2,81)
    PHAGO (65,00- 95,00)
    CHLT (neg)
    MycoB (neg)
    ---------------------- MOLP = Mold Panel---------------------------------------------------------
    ALTA (0-11)
    ASPF (0-77)
    ASPN (0-25)
    CALB (0-125)
    CLAH (0-56)
    PENC (0-38)
    ----------------------- IMOX --------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Aze M (0-2)
    MDA M (0-2)
    NO2TyrM (0-2)
    NOBSAM (0-2)
    NoCyst M (0-2)
    NOWM (0-2)
    Ole M (0-2)
    Pi M (0-2)
    ------------------------ZONP = Zoonoses PCR -----------------------------------------------
    BART (neg)
    BORG (neg)
    BORM (neg)
    QFIG (neg)
    QFIIG (neg)
    QFIIM (neg)
    QFIM (neg)
    RCO (neg)
    ----------------------------CELI = Celiac------------------------------------------------------------
    CELI IgA (neg)
    CELI IgG (neg)
    ---------------------------GVDR = VDR Genetics -----------------------------------------------
    ---------------------------IDGP = Genetics of Intestinal Inflammation--------------------
    ---------------------------CYTS = Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines-----------------------------
    IL-10S = (0-5)
    IL-12p70S = (0-5)
    IL-1betaS = (0-3)
    IL6S = (0-5)
    IL-8S = (0-15)
    MCP1 = (0-165)
    MIP-1BETAs = (0-155)
    Tgf-BETA1s = (11400-63300)
    TNFS = (0-6)
    -----------------------------CYTH = Th1/Th2 Immune Balance ------------------------------
    IL-2 / IL-4 = (2-100) ratio of TH1/TH2
    IFNg / IL-4 = (10-350) ratio of TH1/TH2

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