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KDM and sleep

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by heapsreal, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Sushi

    Sushi Moderation Resource Albuquerque

    Or, if your monitor has a memory, take it to the office with you and let your GP look. My ANS specialist welcomed that. Then you can also check your monitor against the doctor's reading while in the office.

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  2. barbc56

    barbc56 Senior Member

    I took my BP monitor to the doctor's to make sure it calibrated with her BP machine. It did. However, I wasn't having any BP issues at the time. I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page. My monitor also has a memory function so I can show the doctor, if needed, what the readings have been.
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  3. end


    Remeron - after six weeks of continued use, the increased appetite will stop.

    I believe all benzo's are evil, I'm not alone. There's talk that the Australian Government will be making alprazolam an S8 drug, along with other benzo's.

    Patient's spend more time in Hospital based/assisted withdrawal from benzo's then ANY OTHER DRUG which includes all of the recreational rubbish.

    There are some alternatives out there TCA's Sedating Antihistamines Melatonin etc

    I am still not feeling right after coming of the benzo I was prescribed........ and that was over a year ago *nodes head*
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  4. liquid sky

    liquid sky Senior Member

    Benzos are evil for some people. Others can benefit. I do think that any doctor who decides to prescribe a benzo should have to verbally tell the patient the possible side effects and that they may not be able to stop the medication.
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  5. Sea

    Sea Senior Member

    NSW Australia
    Here's Overtrain's post enlarged so we can read it

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  6. Mattman1


    The problem is, end, that there exists currently no reasonable alternative that actually matches the benzos in terms of potency and effect-- so if you are truly having substantial difficulties with prolonged insomnia, can never seem to get more than five to six hours, ect, it becomes one of the most seductive drugs available. And the more safe alternatives more often do not end up being effective at all beyond a very minor level.

    It's unfortunate that this class are actually as dangerous and potentially damaging as they are- it would appear that the brain (and body) really, really can be thrown off any reasonable sort of normalcy by the binding action on GABA receptor sites, and what no one understood to full effect, until the withdrawl reports started flooding physician practices in the late 60's and early 70's, seems to be that by temporarily making the transmission of signals more 'efficient' (where it's effect derives it's ability) it thus makes the neurons themselves less excitable. And once the drug is out of your system, by cold turkey (big no-no) or even if a taper which is seemingly gradual is made too quickly, major problems can arise, and almost immediately. That's because your body has been wound up like a clock to a different time- sometimes an entirely different time zone- and now a process begins in which it slowly reverts back to it's original point...or hopefully somewhere close to it.

    This drug is like the Beatles of Pharmaceuticals-- sure, there have been others that have caused more suffering and more deaths, when prescribed, but never has there existed a class that has inflicted so much prolonged harm to so many people, initially unknowingly, and so deceptively quickly.It's got all the others beat in that regard- and badly. In fact, I would argue that the reports coming in from people initially were just so awful (panic attacks, insomnia, depression, ect) that it was deemed in that time too unlikely that a single drug, cleared for use, when discontinued could cause such an avalanche of symptoms, making the medical community more inclined to view alot more of the cases as a form of mental illness. A small tragedy in itself.

    Please research these drugs carefully before taking them- and judge if they are really necesarry in your situation. While your doctor may appear to prescribe them as if it's the greatest pill that ever happened, in actuality you are feeding a dragon that may possibly claw years out of your life. Glad to read that some countries are taking them so seriously.
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  7. overtrain

    overtrain Medical Mafia needs to die via this virus.

    Have you tried Minipress for sleep? Works like a charm for me and I only take 1mg.

    Also, consider checking out what are called Nootropics. Some swear by them for a variety of purposes, incl. benzo alternative. All totally legal in at least the U.S. I just started Baiclin and another called Phenylpiracetam. They are working.

    My ex-shrink was all too happy to continue my benzo script. I tapered off it myself to no ill effect, just some rebound anxiety. I agree about the evil aspect to them. The anxiety I would get after one wore off was always worse than the original anxiety I took it for.

    Sleep is essential. I hope people rdg this find their way to it asap. :)
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  8. I haven't seen any evidence for what DeMeirleir suggests, neither from science nor from ME patient experience. There is, however, quite a bit of evidence for an alternative explanation, namely that the day-and-night cycle in ME is disturbed. That is a hormone problem, not an immune system problem.

    He seems to have cause and consequence mixed up. We change our sleep pattern because our day and night cycle is affected. Not the other way around, we don’t cause a rhythm problem by our sickness behaviour.
  9. By sleeping on your stomach, you might avoid the need to take anti-epileptic drugs. The frequent waking problems are caused by low oxygen saturation, and short of sleeping in a sitting position, a prone position (sleeping on the stomach) is the best way to keep oxygen saturation up.
    Also, inclined bed therapy might help (raise up to 20cm at the head).

    This already known for decades from Parkinson disease studies.
  10. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem All Good Things Must Come to an End

    Indeed. Many of us know just how difficult it is to arbitrarily change one's circadian rhythms. :sleep:
  11. end


    Great post!

    As I am fairly sure some others reading this thread are probably wondering after realising they can not come off there Benzo with out major withdrawal's or like myself suffering the prolonged withdrawal symptom's...

    What does one take to help bring an end to there prolonged benzo withdrawal symptoms???

    I believe "Runner64" if my memory serves me correctly(?) had a valid reason for warning people away from these drugs after outlining on this forum that these particular drug manufacturers are being sued after damaging peoples health by there use of these drugs. Permanent chemical alterations within the brain after Benzo use was one of the issues brought before the courts/and or litigated.
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