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OverTheHills wraps up our series of articles on this year's 12th Invest in ME International Conference (IIMEC12) in London with some reflections on her experience as a patient attending the conference for the first time.
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Just like Fredd?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Idie, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. biophile

    biophile Places I'd rather be.

    Good point. Here are the results in umol/L with the fasting normal range of 8.3-13.7.

    2002: about 17

    2003: about 10

    2004: about 12

    Been in medical limbo for years so no more results since then.
  2. greenshots

    greenshots Senior Member

    ? Methylation Block

    You implied that if you had a methylation block it should have probably lifted in the 3 years of treatment, but I went through very similar things with my daughter and many others have with their kids and loved ones also. It sounds as though you are treating very specific issues and from my understanding (Now that Freddd & Rich explained the differences in the folates, folinic, and 5MTH), the supplements your using are targeting MTHFR, MTR, etc., type defects but you likely have others that are not being addressed at all. I can't say that I understand the pathway so well that I could predict which defects wouldn't respond to those sorts of treatments and then guess at yours but I do know that the SUOX causes heartburn/acid issues as well as asthma like symptoms or chest tightness and shortness of breath and it responds to the methyl b12 as well as curtailing your sulfur supplements and foods & taking Molydbenum (my daughter has this defect). There are many more that can also be a big problem but have specific ways to get around them so please don't discount the testing. If you can ever afford it, its worth its weight in gold. My doctor and I were able to get to the root of my daughter's issues and fully recover her from autism and CVID, an immune problem, and I know of many others who are on the road to full recovery by knowing their genetics. It sure isn't the answer for everything in life but it is a good start at solving your specific issues rather than just guessing as we all had to do before this option came to light.

    As for the COMT ++ issue, I can tell you that this defect has a lot to do with the VDR Taq and the two work together to sorta create your methyl donor tolerance. My daughter is ++ but since her VDR TAQ is ++ & not working, its like she's more balanced as a COMT +- instead and can handle a little more of them than she could of otherwise. She still has some mood fluctuations since I guess you're still likely to have the dopamine shifts when this area affects the balance there but the methyl donor tolerance is definitely not the same. I don't know as much about the VDR-- issue but I'd expect those combo's would be the worst for methyl donor tolerance and it seems like these are the ones that would be the overmethylators. I guess nothing is ever simple with Dr. Yasko's stuff since you can't really go by the COMT alone.

    Good luck with your treatment, I hope you find what works for your health!
  3. Rockt

    Rockt Senior Member

    Thanks Freddd.

    How do you know when the body is at equilibrium?
  4. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Rockt,

    With mb12 and adb12 that is easy. With mb12 as one increases the dose, the startup increases slightly. At some point more makes no difference and then startup effects fade rapidly. Our nervous system brings change to our attention and ignores steadystate. So when b12 increases perception of neurtological things we feel it. When it increases methylation, we feel it. When it increases ATP (adb12 mostly) we feel it. However, once the mitochondria have all the adb12 they need, there is no change in ATP from more adb12 and the feeling of increasing atp goes away very quickly, though l-carnitine fumarate might cause additional change. When all methylation reactions needed are hapoening, we cease feeling the increae. With the neurology however, there are two steps, functional which fades rapidly when the functions are at full, and healing which takes at least 9 months and a suggested 5 years to complete but much more slowly. With the nervous system we also may have paresthesias from damage that never go away and remain long after equilibrium is reached. The only thing that makes those go away is failure until numbness or full healing.

    With adb12 for instance, I only felt it as startup for about a week and then no body amount made a difference. Then I tried 51mg and had a CNS/CSF adb12 startup. That was repeatble 3 times but fading each time and now as long as I take a CNS loading dose once every week or two I could take vastly more and nothing at all happens. I found that a single tablet once a week kept my body in adb12 equilibrium after the mitochondria filled up. Results vary in that. One of my daughters needed daily adb12 to staqy in equilibrium and would have body startup all over again after week without.

    With there is a dose proportionate effect (not linear) that the paper I posted recently says theraputic range is 1500mcg to 6000mcg (presumably injected). This is the 5mg to 25mg sublingual range we have talked about here. They don't mention the second range for the CNS established in Japanese studies at about 50 mg and in my own private trials about 30mg inected daily and verfied by quite a few others at that. The 50mgs of the Japanese did not include any trials to establish the minimum amount needed for that CNS threshold. Of course the researchers were not concerned with the difference in cost.

    Safety trials of mb12 were done in uremics with large doses. Also, the therapy for cyanide poisoning is repeated IV doses of 35 grams (35,000,000mcg). NO safety issues were apparant at any dose.

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