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Japanese forest bathing

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by urbantravels, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. urbantravels

    urbantravels disjecta membra

    Los Angeles, CA
    I just read about this in Landscape Architecture magazine, a weekly missive I still get from my former career.

    I'm not sure if this link will work, but I quoted the relevant bits above.
  2. Chris

    Chris Senior Member

    Victoria, BC
    Thanks, Urbantravels--a lovely and simple idea--maybe connected with that "Earthing" thread; the link took me to the magazine, but I could not find a quick way to that particular section, so gave up. But the simplest and most agreeable way of raising NK cell count I have come across, though curcumin and high alpha whey are up there too. I gather, however, that our real problem is not so much the NK count as NK function or cytotoxicity, and I wonder if those tree oils work on that too? In any case, a slow relaxed walk in the forest can't but be good for our total selves. Best, Chris
  3. sensing progress

    sensing progress Senior Member

    Tucson, AZ
    I thought there were going to be actual bathtubs involved. Either way, I'd give it a try.
  4. Merry

    Merry Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio, USA
    Beautiful idea, urbantravels.

    I lie in bed and fantasize about returning to one of the few tracts of old growth forest in the state, Dysart Woods.

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