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Is this a good treatment option...input please.

Discussion in 'Mast Cell Disorders/Mastocytosis' started by Mindy, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. Mindy



    I began drinking nettle leaf tea and taking mg and ca last Friday as well as the foot bath with these and vit c. They seemed to help with my difficulty breathing. But then today, I had the head pressure again and am just not sure what's helping/hurting.

    I read that nettle contains quercetin. And I remember seeing in the past that those with COMT (I think that was the SNP) should avoid quercetin. I have COMT defective so now am not sure about the team. It also contains boron, and I think I've already depleted my sulfur b/c I've been on a low sulfur diet and probably went too far with it. So is boron from the tea a bad idea right now too?

    Anyone have insight into this?

    Thank you.
  2. Sushi

    Sushi Moderator and Senior Member Albuquerque


    Mindy, I'd guess you have written more about your symptoms and tests somewhere else, but it might be good to put it here too, as most of us don't know what you are trying to treat.

    Note: aside from issues with COMP, quercetin will slow down your phase one detox--which might be helfpul, or not, depending on how fast it is now.

  3. Mindy


    Sushi - Yes, I've been posting on other boards, but last Fri. was posting here about what seems to be high histamine. My nutritionist assumes so b/c I'm all of a sudden having sensitivity to multiple foods and chemicals (nearly everything).

    It's progressively worsened over the past month where I'm having chest tightness, difficulty breathing for hours after eating and head pressure. I was also on a low sulfur diet (almost no sulfur) for about 5 wks, and my dr. thinks I went too far with it.

    I think my methylation is probably messed up b/c of all this so, slowing down liver detox is probably not good. Wonder if that's why the head pressure has increased again after a couple of days drinking the nettle tea? Thank you...I've been having a difficult time over the past few wks and have been unable to get help from any dr. after several visits (including Mayo ER).

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