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ION Profile by Metametrix

Discussion in 'General Treatment' started by Gingergrrl, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Gingergrrl

    Gingergrrl Senior Member

    Has anyone done the ION Profile by Metametrix (which I think is the same as Genova Labs?) It is a blood and urine test that my ND said would test my mitochondrial function amongst other things. It is a special kit that she ordered for me and she wants me to do this and also the 23andme (but that is a separate topic!) I have not read about it in detail yet and curious if anyone has taken this test?

    I am tagging a few people who were involved in another thread re: Mito testing to see if you know this test:

    @Sushi, @SOC, @Dr.Patient, @SDSue

    Thanks in advance!

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