Invest in ME Conference 12: First Class in Every Way
OverTheHills wraps up our series of articles on this year's 12th Invest in ME International Conference (IIMEC12) in London with some reflections on her experience as a patient attending the conference for the first time.
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IOM treatment recommendations for CFS

Discussion in 'Institute of Medicine (IOM) Government Contract' started by Andrew, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Ren

    Ren .

    Andrew - You've already caught so much! This is just tweaking - I (and lots of others obviously) are really glad you've looked into this. It should be good/helpful for the Gulf War vets as well. :)

    If I find possible quotes regarding primary sources, I'll share them. Seems that this would be part of a research ethics class or even an academic writing course. At some point in my life, I've had "primary source" drilled into my head, but I don't even know now how I know that.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Senior Member

    Los Angeles, USA
    Well, I did the heavy lifting, but your tweaking raised an important point that will change the nature of the next version. And I think it actually won't be that hard to redo it, because the new approach will make it shorter. Also, I don't think what I wrote is waste of time, because I can draw from in for the redo. I just don't know how long it will take. When does the whole IOM thing end??

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