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IOM Bias: "The Cause(s) of Chronic Multisymptom Illnesses Following the First Gulf War"

Discussion in 'Institute of Medicine (IOM) Government Contract' started by Ren, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Ecoclimber

    Ecoclimber Senior Member

    @ Ren
    I don't know if you had a chance to slog through the Research Advisory Committe Report on Gulf War Illness and health of Gulf War Veterans

    Smoking gun on how the IOM Panel ignored the findings of the RAC with regards to an infectious component to CMI and the outdated methodology of treatment protocols!

    Infectious agents in multisymptom illnesses. Infectious agents have long been thought to play a role
    in either triggering or perpetuating the symptoms of some patients with CFS and FM. Elevated rates of
    fibromyalgia have been reported among patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis
    C, and Lyme borreliosis.198,201,348 Prospective studies have also demonstrated that a subset of patients
    develop CFS following different types of acute viral infection.209,796,875,1718,1776,1777,1787 Although findings
    have been mixed, some studies have identified elevated viral titers in CFS and FM patients who have
    been ill for prolonged periods—most prominently human herpes viruses and enteroviruses—suggesting a
    possible role for reactivation of latent viruses in multisymptom conditions.7,186,243,360,471,493,822,1100,1499,1797

    An association between mycoplasma infection and chronic multisymptom illness has been suggested for
    both veteran and nonveteran populations.402,1118 Standard serological evaluations have not detected
    evidence of mycoplasma infection in either Gulf War illness patients525,923 or civilians with CFS.829
    However, studies using specialized polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods have detected excess rates
    of mycoplasma infection in both symptomatic Gulf War veterans355,1732 and in civilians with CFS and

    Genetic parameters. A number of studies have indicated that multisymptom illnesses—both in the
    general population and in Gulf War veterans—occur at higher rates among individuals with specific
    genetic vulnerabilities or predispositions. Fibromyalgia and CFS have been reported to aggregate in
    families64,199,1750 with CFS occurring at particularly elevated rates in identical twins

    page 294

    The second set of practice guidelines provides information on evaluation and management of veterans
    with chronic unexplained illness, specifically symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue.1656 Information
    provided on recommended treatments is based on the limited number of clinical trials published by 2001
    that evaluated therapies for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Information on other potentially
    useful treatments is also provided, based on more preliminary research findings and the clinical
    experience of panel members. The guidelines emphasize the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),
    graded exercise, and antidepressant medications. Although exercise and CBT have been shown to
    provide improvements for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome patients, studies have found them
    to be less helpful for ill Gulf War veterans.226,354,406 The clinical practice guidelines are also seriously
    outdated in terms of the many studies of treatments for multisymptom conditions published since 2001,
    particularly treatments for fibromyalgia.

    page 215

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  2. Ren

    Ren .

    @Ecoclimber - I'm sorry I haven't yet slogged (good word) through the RAC report, but I expect to have time, beginning this evening.

    I thought there had been positive things from this committe, but then I became concerned when I noticed Daniel J. Clauw as a committee member.

    (Sometime ago I posted some of Dr. Clauw's IOM slides that describe ME/CFS in terms the patient community doesn't identify / agree with as representative of their (our) experience. This was the first I had heard of Clauw, but I've since learned that he seems to be known and unpopular among patients.)

    Anyway, I will see what I can find...
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  3. Ecoclimber

    Ecoclimber Senior Member

    What the report demonstrates is that the IOM Panel ignored the findings of the RAC. Yes, 745+ pages of slogging.
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  4. justinreilly

    justinreilly Senior Member

    NYC (& RI)
    Alex, thanks for the clarification.

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