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Industrial air pollution leaves magnetic waste in the brain

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by antares4141, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. antares4141

    antares4141 Senior Member

    Truth or consequences, nm
  2. cman89

    cman89 Senior Member

    Hayden, Idaho
    I am very sure it does. Have you heard of any methods to get it out?
  3. Oh LOOK who put their oar in on that item?
    why it's the good old Science Media Centre!
    Who'd ever have thunk they'd comment on an item about a massive pollution risk, eh? :rolleyes:
  4. And why is that risk so big and an issue ot me?

    Steelworks, now gone, 2nd biggest in Europe, less than a mile form my home
    and one of the earlier steelworks (they're blast furnaces) here from 1897

    So generations have been breathing in poisons
    it's no wonder the local regiment got called THE POISON DWARVES by the Kaiser in WW1 :p
    as it was technically correct in both details, folk stunted in height by the privation and poisons

    Wishaw Iron and Steel Works Blast Furnaces 1897.jpg

    ravenscraig diagram.jpg
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  5. antares4141

    antares4141 Senior Member

    Truth or consequences, nm
    Wait for your liver to do it? Never been very confident of any of the "detox" methods or products people promote. If you think you are sensitized to anything than I might suggest you are sensitized to mold and need to control your exposure to it as much as possible. Chemical exposure avoidance as much as possible goes without saying. I suspect that's what caused my sensitivity to mold in the first place. Specifically pesticides. Thank god for Zinka! Can't wait for the ariel spraying!!
  6. antares4141

    antares4141 Senior Member

    Truth or consequences, nm
    Is kind of odd, seems most authority type figures with a fiduciary responsibility to the truth & public well being are always busy saying we are hypochondriacs and depleted uranium, and pesticides, pollution, occupational & other chemical exposure, may be bad for you but there is no such thing as CFS, GWS, MCS, etc., etc., etc.
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  7. "detox"...well you can use chelation therapy for heavy metals, but it should never be taken lightly or without caution, as if you do have a serious heavy metal burden, the process will dump that crap into your body in an acute dose if it is not bound to a suitable agent

    Some moulds are incredibly toxic, they were developed for bio-chemical warfare use in the Cold War and had horrific side effects from what I recall, more likely to catastrophically sicken you, destroy your immune system etc than kill you swiftly

    the organophosphates used in some insecticides a9nd related chemical groups) are also incredibly toxic, they are literal nerve gasses, and I've explained some of the terrible dangers of them and the covers ups about them, damn chemicals should be banned on pain of death if that's what it takes to stop corporations and morons misusing them :(

    some years ago the corporate/so-called Libertarian rats pushed for the return of the use of DDT, claiming it was all the "evil stupid Liberals fault for banning these perfectly safe chemicals that could save lives!"
    well they were liars!
    they ignored the truth that DDTt was never banned for Human health protection in *specific controlled ways in Africa*

    Problem with DDT is that:

    a) it's pointless using it except in massive Public health drives to give temporary respite using the time to clear swamps etc, because the insects get resistant to it fast
    on the "small scale", carefully used to make sleeping areas safer

    b) it was all really about corporations wanting to sell that cheap dangerous chemical again, as it was the enormous quantities used, in many thousands of tons on farms, that DID cause a build up of toxic break down products
    as example of this see also way the Aral Sea was polluted by DDT and similar chemicals (and the sea also dried up!) by the Soviets' mad push to produce cheap cotton

    the corporations, big business the Oligarchs are determined to cover up anything that cuts into their profit or power, they don't care how many people die.
    Ratbags like SMC are their "enablers", the Spiked/Living Marxism loons are the ideological stormtroopers of "Technology Uber Alles" :/
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  8. junkcrap50

    junkcrap50 Senior Member

    I've heard from interviews, videos, and conference summaries that Dr. Klinghardt uses high dose liposomal melatonin to detoxify the brain. I'm not sure what dosages though.

    "Some studies have shown that melatonin can help to detoxify the brain as well as to help with parasites, viruses, etc. in the brain. Dr. Klinghardt finds that only liposomal melatonin gets into the brain." (BetterHealthGuy)
  9. Little Bluestem

    Little Bluestem All Good Things Must Come to an End

    @SilverbladeTE - What does BOC stand for and what is the area encircled in red in your second photo?

    [I know it was a nasty thing, but that first photo is kind of cool. Are those rail cars in the front of the photo?]
  10. brenda

    brenda Senior Member

    You can see the pollution being pumped out on 4.11 and the proximity of the housing at 3.25on this vid of my home town:

    I am hearing all of the time of the death of someone in my generation, all in their 60's. They are often gone before then.
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  11. British Oxygen Company, iirc, company that sold industrial gasses collected from the atmosphere: oxygen, nitrogen etc
    it was there so it could supply liquid oxygen for the furnaces directly but also sold bottled gasses 9commerically, and in container lorries)
    there was an explosion there once that chook our windows here

    when the steelworks was demolished and they wanted to build houses on that poisoned site but BOC was still and think it still is in operation there, the scumbag local government, corrupt as hell, decided to change the safety zoning, iirc no home or other such like schools etc was allowed to be built within 500 meters for safety of the B.O.C. plant because of the explosion risk
    but the scum changed it to 150 metres so they could sell more houses and get more "backhanders" from developers
    the Fire Brigade and police blew their stacks, in public an din print over it
    just proves how evil twisted and corrupt the people in power often are *spits*

    red area was where they dumped the factory wastes it was so poisonous they had to keep a nurse near there as workers would sometimes be literally collapse from he toxic fumes

    the first photo is the old steelworks, wasn't on site Ravenscraig was built, was where the Wishaw hospital is now!
    next to it was huge cement factory so area is polluted as hell
    yes those are rail cars so gives you idea of the scale!
    that factory closed when Ravenscraig began, iirc

    oh the work, the scale, the effort and import of those factories is amazing :)
    few folk appreciate how much we owe to such things: without so much steel and concrete we wouldn't have the world we do now!
    but others use that as excuse to permit criminal pollution and other acts; "technology uber alles" or just plain greed
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