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Incapacity tests reject 37% of claimants (& another 34% after 1 year)

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by oceanblue, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. oceanblue

    oceanblue Guest

    From the BBC website, 15 March 2012

    These are really important, and rather shocking figures. Previous data has been for new applicants, who would be expected to have a higher rejection rate. All these claimants have previously been awarded Incapacity Benefit on the gounds of proven ill-health. Some would be expected to recover, but not on this scale.

    Note that for the 34% on the 'back to work programme' (who are deemed not yet to be well enough to work) payment automatically stops after 12 months regardless of health.

    So one year on, only 29% of those on Incapacity Benefit will still be receiving benefit. A huge saving for the state, but potentially a disaster for many ill patients. A previous study looking at those who were deemed well enough to work found most were not working, and the main reason for not working (even though they no longer received any benefits) was 'too ill to work'.
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  2. SilverbladeTE

    SilverbladeTE Senior Member

    Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
    1) it is NOT a huge saving for the state
    the amount lost on ATOS's gross screw ups has doubled their cost, that's not including the money lost on the appeals, most folk appeal, most folk win the appeal, ie, the ATOS tests don't work, they are bullshit meant to throw folk off benefit, not "get them into work"
    and the cost to change to a new system is also about twice the "saving"
    thus, it has cost far more to do this than they'd save, so why do it?
    $$$ for their corporate pals, dismantling of the Welfare State, move to corporate-fascism and elimination of the "uneeded"

    and what is the "saving"?
    Burn in Hell the lot of ya, every sociopathic, pinhead, inbred, flint-hearted little piece of excrement who supports this, tabloid-reading vermin Neanderthal's we should have excised from society a long time ago.

    There are three + million the disabled CANNOT get jobs

    2) A lot of people will die
    we are becoming like the USA, which is what is wanted by the diabolically greedy Elite
    and don't any Ameircan posters dare say "your nation is great in such regards"
    it damn well isn't!
    In terms of health and welfare, the USA is a disgrace, a blot on the Democratic "1st World"
    millions of US kids go hungry and have no health care, while TRILLIONS are spent on wars to make oil companies rich and buy enough nuclear weapons to glass the planet!
    (most of the USA is not the resource-rich, low population denisty of say, Utah where non-state aid can work to an extent.)

    Anyone NOT see a problem there, hm?
    Go read the US Decleration of Independance, Bill of Rights, the discussions etc at the time, and look at the evil crap today on BOTH sides of the Atlantic, bah!!
    The folk who pushed our nations socially, morally forward in last 300 years must be rolling in their bloody graves, seeing us become greedy self obsessed dens of robbers and callous killers

    This is the 21st century, sorry folks but there will be less and less jobs, hard fact (see also things like FOXCONN, even slave labour isn't cheap enough for them: out go the workers, in go the robots, yer "I phones" etc are built from Human bloody misery and suicide!).
    Employment will plummet as nantechnology/C60 manufacturing moves in and revolutionizes things...more and more "McJobs", no "careers" except for the "professional classes" who's "Elite" faction only want slaves and the rest of us exterminated.

    3) As already shown, the corporations screw our economy out of 80 BILLION a year in tax evasion
    never mind the hundreds of thousands they murder each year, which our idiot greedy, stupified public ignores

    -most road deaths could be cut, they ban guns, but won't apply GPS acceleration limiters on cars etc, have much harsher testing/controls of the udner 25 drivers, hm? Sorry to break it to the asshole drivers out there, but over 50 mph and hour, you increasingly start to "aim" a car, not control it, wee problem caused by the laws of physics.
    which means you have enough energy in a car to splatter an innocent person like a bag of jam
    I did the calculations once, car at 70 mph = same kinetic energy of 1400 machine gun bullets..and yet selfish sods refuse to listen to that and think they are "hard men" for moving their ankle on a pedal....grrr

    -deaths from tobacco and alcohol are large chunk of mortality. The politicians clap each other on the back and act all hard on "drugs", yet let the two worst ones known to Man be on open sale, because the booze/tobacco companies give them huge campaign contributions, backhanders etc.
    I've got junkies living near me, you know what? I've known only 2 heroin deaths, but at least 20+ alcoholism deaths and gawd knows how many from smoking.


    Scroungers they call us?! SCROUNGERS?!
    we should rebel, hobble to London, and throw all those corrupt, stinking traitors out of Parliament and into the loony bin where they belong! :p
    Yeah, ok for those goat humpers to have freakin' floating DUCK houses and diddle the tax payer, and Metropolitan cops ot murder folk and get carte' blanche to do so (because they protect "The City" and Parliament)....but the disabled? nope we're to be exterminated

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