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Inactive B12s unique situation/sam-e

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by GenDylan, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. GenDylan


    how would i know when/how much active b12 i am getting out of inactive b12 supplementation (cyano/hydroxy)

    this is necessary to know because, id like to take MethylFolate as well - and i dont want to be methyl-blocked due to a lack of active b12 being formulated from the inactive's.

    i do understand that Methyl B12 is "the best b12 to take" ,because its the byproduct of the inactive b12s/skips the conversion process.
    --but i am in a unique situation. - Sam/Sam-e is an allosteric inhibitor to MTHFR; i supplemented w/Methionine and raised my SAM levels; and now SAM is inhibiting my folates. --- so, id prefer to take an inactive b12 now,because inactive b12's use up SAM/e to get converted to Methyl B12 ; as opposed to methyl B12 just increasing SAM.

    so, if anyone has any light to shed on inactive b12s w/methylfolate supplementation, or inactive b12's relationship w/SAM-e...

    thanks yall.

    also @Freddd , if you have any knowledge on - how much SAM/e is produced w/b12 & methylfolate supplementation. if possible, id like raise my Folate/b12 levels much more than my SAM/e levels.
    im just trying to do anything i can to maximize my "folate/SAM ratio".
    so maybe supplementing as much 5MTHF as possible w/ as little B12 as possilbe w/o getting methylBlocked will reduce the SAM/e created ; as opposed to excessive b12 supplementation..

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