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Immunosuppressant or immunostimulant?

Discussion in 'Antivirals, Antibiotics and Immune Modulators' started by Ninan, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Hip

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    The simple version of Rich's theory is:

    Why You Rarely Catch a Cold in ME/CFS

    Some parts of the immune system are weak and not working well in ME/CFS, which means that other parts of the immune system have to fight extra hard to try to compensate for this weakness. It is actually the frontline, first-on-call troops of the immune system that are constantly fighting extra hard in order to try to compensate.

    Because these frontline, first-on-call troops are fighting extra hard 24/7, any cold virus that lands in your throat is instantly wiped out by these troops.
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  2. August59

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    There is a "poll" on the forum somewhere that indicates many of us have been free of illnesses since coming down with ME/CFS.

    Myself have not been sick, other than ME/CFS, in over 10 years. However this past December I was hit with cancer of the tonsils, tongue and 3 or 4 of the associated lymph nodes. I had surgery and 37 sessions of radiation and my 6 month PET-CT Scan was completely free.

    I used to get colds a couple of times a year and I have never had the flu in my entire life. I used to get cold sore once or twice a year and I have not a single one since I came down with ME/CFS.

    I do think in my situation that the immune system has been modified to a degree, but I can't pin down what has change. Some lab work would probably give me an idea though. I do have a couple of re-activated viruses that I have never found anyone to treat me for.

    It also does seem to me that people that have came down with ME/CFS and have become likely to have chronic bacterial infections, which could be related to lymes disease or not. This is just an observation of mine and I don't know this for sure.

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