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im here to help

Discussion in 'Immunological' started by SaveMe, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. SaveMe

    SaveMe *****

    the city
    XMRV by virus culture detectsactualviralnucleicacidpresentinwholeblood XAND 450.00*
    Serology Assay: detectsantibodiestoHumanGammaRetrovirusesthatincludeXMRVandotherHumanMLV$related
    XNDS 249.00*
    * If both the XMRV virus culture and serology assay are ordered at same time price is $549.
    Immune Profile 1 (RNAA,Elastase,NKCP,LYEA) CMCP 795.00
    Immune Profile 2 (RNAA,Elastase,LYEA) MCP1 475.00
    Cytokine Inflammatory Profile (IL1β,IL2,IL4,IL6,IL8,IL10,Il12p70,IFNγ,TNFα) CYT1 400.00
    Herpes Infection Profile (EBV,CMV,HHV6[withA&Bdetermination],HHV7 HHVP 495.00
    Heavy Metals Lymphocyte Proliferation Assay - HELP™ Test I ****
    HLP1 400.00
    Intestinal Dysbiosis Profile - Immunobilan Test – (IgA&IgM)
    IMO1 200.00
    Mycoplasma Profile –Qualitative (MycoplasmaFermentans,MycoplasmaHominis,MycoplasmaPneumoniae) MYCP 395.00
    CD4/CD8 Lymphocyte Enumeration Assay (CD4,CD8,CD4$CD8ratio,CD19,CD45,CD4/CD8/CD19Absolute LYEA 250.00
    Natural Killer Cell Enumeration & Functional Assay
    NKCP 500.00
    Lyme C6-B.burgdorferi ELISA Test (confirmatory by PCR) LYME 397.00
    Chlamydia Pneumoniae – Qualitative (CHLP) CHLP 300.00
    Natural Killer Cell Functional Assay (LU30) (NKC9only) LU30 325.00

    here is info i got to fwd to yoy
  2. leaves

    leaves Senior Member

    Do you really think you need to start yet another thread on this? I understand you are new and not used to this forum, but it is getting a bit excessive with the thread count. Not good for pwme to have to wade through all of this. Try to use the search engine and see if there are already some threads out there on this topic before you start a new one. Thanks.
  3. SaveMe

    SaveMe *****

    the city
    sorry leaves im having trouble deleting it now.

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