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I think Earthing cured my dysautonomia/POTS

Discussion in 'Autonomic, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory' started by ask2266, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Chris

    Chris Senior Member

    Victoria, BC
    I bought an earthing 1/2 sheet quite a while ago, and plugged it into the mains outlet ground hoping for the best. I live in a small old apartment building, and know nothing about the grounding of the electrical circuitry. Some months ago I unplugged, since the sheet did not seem to be helping, and honestly I think my sleep has improved. I suspect that particularly with the arrival of "smart" meters there may be so much high frequency noise going to ground that some of it invades any circuitry connected to the ground--grounding in a high population area may be counter-productive?

    But last fall I started walking barefoot on the beach very close to where I live, and that did seem helpful--will start again when we warm up a bit more (Victoria BC is a rather northerly place....). Chris
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  2. pp901


    Hi Ask2266, you are the first person ice seen that can't lie back like me. I'm so sick. I treated a virus and it's left me half dead. But you said you were in bed when used this. How did you get out of the chair? I really need to speak with you. I wanna know more. I can't even get diagnosed. Help. How can I reach you. Thanks, pp901
  3. aaron_c

    aaron_c Senior Member

    @Hip Thank you for your work investigating earthing. Although I should know better by now, I continue to be amazed by the level of discourse at phoenixrising.

    I am going through the threads on earthing (again) to see if I can find some thread of commonality that might determine who earthing works for.

    One question particularly for you: You mentioned that microcurrents between 10 and 500 microamps more or less increased rat metabolism, but that microcurrents above 1000 microamps decreased it. Do the voltages that you theorize earthing would send through our bodies straddle those numbers in any ways? Put another way: If one reduces one's voltage from 2.7 volts to .2 volts (this from a youtube video on earthing) what kind of microamp current do you theorize would be flowing through our bodies? Can we know?

    My apologies if I have not used the vocabulary correctly!

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Hip

    Hip Senior Member


    If you read this post, I mention I took electrical multimeter readings of 0.2 microamps AC flowing between my body and the earth when I was indoors. When I moved my body or limbs to within one foot or less of a power adaptor plug, I found that the current flowing went up to 1 microamp.

    To put this in perspective, the current that flows in your body when you use a TENS machine is around 10,000 microamps.

    There is nothing "natural" about earthing though, since this current that flows while you are earthed is due to the 50 to 60 Hz main electrical hum present in the house.

    After an initial good effect, I slept badly while earthed, and I was in fact quite surprised how such a small current could so easily affect my sleep.
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  5. student

    student Senior Member

    @Hip – thank you. That was impressive.
    My Idea is simply to – interrupt the given – earthing conection for some time. - That means to technicaly swich on- and off (automatically) the given conection to the fuse were it is pluged in during the night. For this I would use the next electrical chanel.

    In my electricity system (DE) it is possible to use the earth of the main line – and swich that one off. With a simple timer divice it should be possible to only influence half of the night- with an earthing-device. That means to intuitively work out – and find the best pauses needed. And shorten the hole process of the-conection-to-earthing also.

    It did say you saw an influence. It is verry likely that positive affect was felt in Hips case. Than a second process of giving pauses and allowing the body pathways to care for any metabolite trash could be the answer.

    I saw an LED device working an a very low puls – of 2.5 Hertz. With pulsing and longer pauses. You are saying that may be the very low current flow is a funtional description. How about using the earthing sleep device – just for a nip during the day. Or switch it on / off – every 20 min – or in shorter repetion circuts.


    ps. I am just learning about this. I have no personal practice.

    I am not an electrician. Is there other questions involved – in this? Do I sepperate the line coming out from the bedroom. Can I take secondary precautions...
  6. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    Worth trying.

    Many earthing products that you buy commercially have what is called a resistor connected inline. A resistor limits the flow of electrical current, and so if for any reason your earth connection becomes live (at 230 or 120 volts mains), the resistor would block the current and prevent you from getting an electric shock.

    The connection is like this:

    EARTH ------------------wire------------------- RESISTOR -------------------wire------------------ YOUR BED

    You need to find a resistor of around 50 thousands ohms (usually written as 50kΩ or 50k ohm). An ohm (symbol Ω) is a measure of the electrical resistance of the resistor. You can buy resistors for a few cents on ebay.
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  7. cigana

    cigana Senior Member

    @ask2266 Thanks for starting this thread and giving so much info.
    You mentioned that you started feeling better after you stopped salt, do you think that could be the reason? (I realise salt usually helps you but perhaps suddenly stopping after having taken it for so long caused some kind of change)...
  8. lnester7

    lnester7 Seven

    FYI, In my case, I stopped salt because it masked the blood pressure issue (it raised it but didn't take care of the OI symptoms) so I raise the BP with the midodrane instead this way the symptoms do get better.
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