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I have NEVER been this ill- Please Please tell me it is heavy metal-detox reaction

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by Cassandra68, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. caledonia


    Cincinnati, OH, USA
    That would be 16mcg spread out over four doses in a day. The above mentioned person recently tried to take 16mcg in one dose and it caused a bunch of metal detox. ;) Don't ask me how I know this - lol.
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  2. Cassandra68


    Boston, MA area
    Wayne, Catseye, Dreambirdie, and Calendonia-

    Thank you so much for your continued advice/suggestions on the heavy metal detox. Not long after my May 2012 post, I finally woke up and listened to my body and stopped the DMSA protocol my doc. suggested for me. I wish I had researched and read about heavy metal detox and ME/CFS pts. I cannot believe I hung in there so long taking the DMSA. I was in the mind set- of "you will feel worse before you feel better" and I completely underestimated the dangers of it.

    It took me several months to recover, and in some ways (autonomic symptoms) I have not recovered, from the ill effects and set-back. I have recently started juicing a little, greens mostly, and using the supplement "Cellfood". The Cellfood caused some fairly obvious detox symptoms initially, but I backed off then started again ramping up much more slowly.

    Anyone else here have any experience with Cellfood and/or juicing?
  3. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    Hi Cassandra,

    "green drinks" make me very sick with paradoxical folate deficiency. However, if the veggie folates are effective they can cause donut hole paradoxical folate deficiency and/or ,\low potassium. Both of these are very commonly called "detox" and may account for more than 90% of incidents of "detox". How do your new or worsen symptoms match up?

    Version 1.2 12/08/2013

    Group 1 – Hypokalemia onset. Symptoms may appear with serum potassium as high as 4.3. May become dangerous if ignored. Considered “rare” with CyCbl (Cyanocobalamin) it is very common with MeCbl (methylcobalamin) and AdoCbl (adenosylcobalamin) and less so with HyCbl (Hydroxycobalamin).

    There does not appear to be a clear order of onset. The order of onset varies widely from person to person but many appear consistent for each episode for any given person. There tend to be more and more intense symptoms as it gets worse. Some people have ended up in the ER because of not recognizing the symptoms.

    IBS – Steady constipation, Nausea, Vomiting, Paralyzed Ileum,

    Hard knots of muscle, Sudden muscle spasms when relaxed, Sudden muscle spasms when stretching , Sudden muscle spasms when kneeling, Sudden muscle spasms when reaching , Sudden muscle spasms when turning upper body to side, Tightening of muscles, spasms and excruciating pain in neck muscles, waking up screaming in pain from muscle spasms in legs. Muscle weakness

    Abnormal heart rhythms (dysrhythmias), increased pulse rate, increased blood pressure

    Emotional changes and/or instability, dermal or sub-dermal Itching, and if not treated potentially paralysis and death.

    Group 2a - Both

    IBS – Diarrhea alternating with constipation, IBS – Normal alternating with constipation

    Group 2b – Either or both

    Headache, Increased malaise, Fatigue

    Group 3 - Induced and/or Paradoxical Folate deficiency or insufficiency

    These symptoms appear in 2 forms generally, the milder symptoms that start with partial methylation block and the more severe symptoms that come on as partial methylation block gets worse or very quickly with methyltrap onset.

    Edema - An additional thing I would like to mention. I would never have found it without 5 years of watching the onset of paradoxical folate insufficiency and trying to catch it earlier and earlier and to figure out what was causing it and to reverse it. For me the onset order goes back to the day of onset now with edema and a sudden increase of weight. I noticed that within 2 hours of taking sufficient Metafolin I would have an increase in urine output.

    Old symptoms returning

    Angular Cheilitis, Canker sores,

    Skin rashes, increased acne, Skin peeling around fingernails, Skin cracking and peeling at fingertips,

    Increased hypersensitive responses, Runny nose, Increased allergies, Increased Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Increased asthma, rapidly increasing Generalized inflammation in body, Increased Inflammation pain in muscles, Increased Inflammation pain in joints, Achy muscles, Flu like symptoms

    IBS – Steady diarrhea, IBS – Diarrhea alternating with normal, Stomach ache, Uneasy digestive tract,

    Coated tongue, Depression, Less sociable, Impaired planning and logic, Brain fog, Low energy, Light headedness, Sluggishness, Increase irritability, Heart palpitations,

    Longer term, very serious

    Loss of reflexes, Fevers, Forgetfulness, Confusion, Difficulty walking, Behavioral disorders, Dementia, Reduced sense of taste, bleeding easily

    Group 4 - HyCbl onset, degraded MeCbl onset, MeCbl after photolytic breakdown onset.

    Itchy bumps generally on scalp or face that develops to acne like lesions in a few days from start.
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