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I finally quit Ambien... and am now sleeping better

Discussion in 'Sleep' started by Rich D, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Naquis


    Thanks for the information. What dose of 5-HTP do you find to be effective? And do you take it around the same time you would normally take melatonin?
  2. Sushi

    Sushi Moderator and Senior Member Albuquerque

    I am taking 100 mg of 5-HTP and, yes, same time as melatonin--about an hour before bed.

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  3. Alanshu


    Hello Soxfan,
    I am new for this forum. I really have sleeping problem from the beginning of this year. I am looking for solution. Are you still working on getting rid of the sleeping medication? Have you found a better solution?
    In the first two months, I only got 1-2 hour sleeping. Sleeping doctor prescribed me Ambien. I got serious depression from using it. The doctor also prescribed me cpap machine. I did not get any sleeping for several night by using it because it really distracted my sleeping. Finally I stopped going to doctor office. I started doing research for sleeping medication in CVS and Walmart. I found Somnapure and Melatonin are good for me. In the first two days, they did not work. After two days, they started work. In the first month, I can keep sleeping for 5-6hours everyday. But after the first month, I started having hard sleeping for two night every week. Now the situation is even worse. From Somnapure information, the more you take this natural medication, the more benefit you can get. But now, I do not believe it. I am still doing research to improve my sleeping problem.

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