The power and pitfalls of omics part 2: epigenomics, transcriptomics and ME/CFS
Simon McGrath concludes his blog about the remarkable Prof George Davey Smith's smart ideas for understanding diseases, which may soon be applied to ME/CFS.
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How to Get Funding for CFS/ME Research

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Wishful, May 19, 2017 at 10:55 AM.

  1. Wishful


    Dr. Davis' new test for CFS biomarkers should help (once independently verified), but there will probably still be people denying that CFS is a valid physical condition. Dr. Davis' finding that it's caused by something carried in plasma makes the solution quite simple: offer to do a serum swap with a CFS patient. Then the deniers can feel the symptoms themselves. ;)
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  2. Demepivo

    Demepivo Dolores Abernathy

    I don't think Dr Davis and colleaggues are quite there with a biomarker but they are doing fantastic work.

    The latest OMF new letetr said they had raised $1 million in April.

    Look out for a paper from Robert Naviaux, the metabolomics/mitochondria expert at UCSD, later this week plus his CDC talk on Thursday.

    Much to look forward to :)

    Anything else you are allowed to share @Ben Howell ?

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