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How To Differentiate Spiritual Awakening From Depression...

Discussion in 'Spirituality and ME/CFS' started by golden, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. ascensionintomadness


    I, like many of us, have been going through my spiritual awakening. It is a time of great excitement and confusion. I have been searching the internet for others who are going through the same process. There are many of us.
    I do see the confusion in others from the forums I have visited. "I am awakening but my spouse is not", "what are the physical symptoms of awakening" and "how can I wake up faster" are some of the questions I am seeing over and over. I am not, by any means, an expert on the subject. I am just another participant. But I have been given some insight into the changes we are all going through right now, whether we believe or not.
    There are lists out there regarding the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening and they are quite good and enlightening. There comes a time when we will want more and more information though. We are at a cusp where we will need to start relying more and more on other individuals. We need to come together as a community, help each other and discuss what has not already been addressed.
    Below you will find a list of physical and emotional symptoms I have experienced. Some symptoms may not relate to the awakening. I have not received any insight to these symptoms. I am going to try to leave out anything on previous lists already on the internet. It's time for a continuation of the conversation we have already started. I welcome any comments on these symptoms. Let me know if you are experiencing them too! Please add any other symptoms you are having as well.
    1. Even though I am legally blind, I am finding myself taking off my glasses regularly so I can see better.
    2. I can no longer use a pillow.
    3. Pulling sensation on my forehead at different intervals throughout the day.
    4. Regularly seeing forms in my peripheral vision.
    5. Chronic bronchitis.
    6. An urge to clean and purge.
    7. Headaches and nausea.
    8. Tingling and pain in problem areas when I am in bed (i.e. bad knee, etc.). Noticeable improvement in area upon rising.
    9. I find myself showering several times a day.
    10. Overwhelming feelings of peace and love throughout the day.
    I have purposefully tried to include on this list only the physical symptoms I am having. I will address other changes and insights I have received in future posts. At this point I am just trying to get the conversation going without ramming anything down anyone's throat!!

    Be kind to yourself and others during this time of change.
    Peace and Love.
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  2. yesthatguy


    How can any of you be so damn sure of your selves that this is a "spiritual awakening" and not a mental beak down? having gone thru the exact thing (and am still going thru) my self I wonder If this isn't a lot of wishful thinking on the side of the person. I've been going thru what ever "this " is for the last year or so .and in my opinion what caused my "spiritual/metal break down" was a combination of poor diet and a really bad break up, at the time I was at my most vulnerable low and I believe that a spiritual delusion is exactly what my ego needed to pick me up.and for 6 months it did just that it picked me up and took me to a high I never thought possible .but as the rule of gravity states what ever goes up must come down .... and down I went ...took a nose dive from my delusional thinking and when I did, I came to a realization that I simply wasn't happy living this way . so at this point I'm looking for a solution to my problems that doesn't involve a lot of wishful thinking or believing in a higher power that exists only in the delusional mind. I'm going thru depersonalization right now ,for those of you who don't know what it's the feeling that everything around you is fake or as a man once put it a persons life lacks "emotional coloring" so if there is some one out there that can give me proof that there is such a thing as a spiritual awakening then I wanna hear it,also anyone that knows about depersonalization and can share their own experiences and possible solutions. Thnx.

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