New era for ME/CFS research as top cytokine study attracts media headlines
The immune systems of patients who have recently developed ME/CFS look markedly different from those who have been ill for much longer, according to a major new study from Drs. Ian Lipkin and Mady Hornig at Columbia University. This shift in immune function hadn’t been seen before.
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How long before low dose naltrexone works?

Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by LJBluesky, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. SDSue

    SDSue Southeast

    Halved my LDN dose and tried again last night. I had difficulty getting to sleep (awake til nearly 3 am) but when I slept, I slept hard….. untiil 1 pm. I'll let you know how I feel when I actually wake up lol.

    Is it mandatory to dose at bedtime, or would it hurt to take the LDN earlier in the evening and maybe avoid the insomnia?

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  2. bertiedog

    bertiedog Senior Member

    @SDSue I have been on just 1 mg LDN since 18 June and it started to help within 4 weeks. I noticed much better energy and mood and as time has gone on this has continued and I haven't had a migraine for over 2 weeks whereas I had them almost daily. The only time I haven't done well is when I am herxing with the herbal treatment for Lyme disease which is the case the last 3 days. I am very sensitive to meds and haven't been able to go above 1 mg but don't seem to need to either.

    I have only ever taken it between 8 am - 9 am, it works just as well,

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  3. optimist

    optimist Senior Member

    The instructions my doctor gave me was to take it at exactly the same time every evening, it had to be after 9pm and before 2am.
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