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How Ketogenic Diets Curb Inflammation in the Brain

Discussion in 'Other Health News and Research' started by Nielk, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Nielk


    Read article here -
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  2. jorans


    I been saying this for years that low carbs has so many benefits all over the body.
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  3. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Hi Nielk,

    Interesting information! -- I've been using DMSO regularly for the past couple of years, and feel it's been very helpful in helping me control inflammation in my brain. It even improved my POTS. -- DMSO is used in conventional medicine for the same purpose, especially for closed head injuries. Lots of information online about this; here's a snippet from THIS ARTICLE.

    "Dr. Jacob notes that in studies conducted from 1978 to 1982, “we observed that when the human brain was treated with intravenously administered DMSO after a head injury, the swelling could be reduced within five minutes."

    EDIT to ADD:

    Just ran across this snippet on Stanley Jacobs, the man from Oregon who spent decades researching DMSO. --- FROM THIS COMPREHENSIVE ARTICLE

    "A week before he died, his father said he had dreamed that Stan would find some wonderful chemical from wood, and people all over the world would be holding out their hands for it!"
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  4. SammyBlondey


    @Wayne I am a new member, so I am not able to message people yet. I saw on a post that you had a root canal done with Endocal. Can you tell me what your dentists name was? I may need a root canal and Endocal I heard is a lot more bio-compatible.
  5. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    Hi @SammyBlonday,

    Many years ago, I was planning on re-doing a root canal done with Endocal, but ended up deciding not to. After having an old root canal drilled out, I didn't have a lot of tooth left. As a result, it would have taken a fair amount of time and expense to pull down the tooth enough to do a reliable root canal.

    So I ended doing an extraction, and getting a bridge instead. -- Below are three separate posts I've done on some of my thoughts and experiences on Endocal and some of my dental issues that you may find helpful.

    Root Canals
    Removal of Amalgam Fillings
    Poll - How Many Root Canals Do You Have

    At this time, I don't believe I'll ever have another root canal done. The reason being is that I don't believe guta perca is a suitable material to use, and that most likely every root canal done with it will fail, probably within a matter of weeks or months.

    I believe Endocal is a better material, but am not convinced it will keep anaerobic infections from forming in the tooth. The upside to doing Endocal is that I believe the infections will be fewer and smaller than using guta perca. Unfortunately, I don't know of any dentists here in Oregon who do Endocal root canals, but I suspect you could find one online if you did some searching.
    The main reason I don't believe I'll ever doing another root canal is because I believe that the kinds of infections that normally necessitate one in the first place can be controlled or eliminated without having to do the dental surgery.

    Though It's controversial, I read accounts online of people using MMS / CDS (Miracle Miner Solution / Chlorine Dioxide Solution) to treat oral infections. I had a very painful infection crop up a few years ago, and was told by my dentist that I needed a root canal and crown (about $2,000). I decided to give the MMS a try, and was delighted to have the pain and severity of it decrease dramatically over a couple of days. Though it still occasionally flares up a bit, using the MMS solution brings it back into check right away.

    Another "trick" I use is to put 1-2 grams of sodium ascorbate in my mouth, and then add a few drops of DMSO. I leave it in my mouth for 2-3 minutes, and gradually start swallowing it over for the next couple of minutes. The DMSO acts as a "carrier" and gets Vit. C deep into the tissues of the mouth.

    People who have oral infections generally deplete their Vitamin C reserves very quickly, and develop what they call "localized scurvy". When you have localized scurvy in the mouth, oral infections can take hold far more easily. Between doing these two things, I believe I will be able to avoid any oral conditions that would normally necessitate a root canal.

    It seems clear to me I still have a lingering oral infection that has a tendency to crop up now and then, and am considering being much more consistent with MMS than I have been. I've been hesitant to do this, because of the concern about the ability of MMS to damage the enamel on my teeth. But I've gotten into the habit of drinking bone broths regularly, and am amazed how much more resilient my teeth have become to various factors.

    When I compare my "linger oral infection" to a guta perca root canal situation, I believe the former is much safer to deal with than the latter. I'm not as confident that's the case with Endocal, but I do know that an Endocal root canal costs about a $1,000, with no guarantees of keeping it infection free. For me the choice is pretty easy. And it gives me a much better sense of control at the same time.

    I hope all this information wasn't too much! :angel:

    Good luck with your figuring out a good solution for yourself! :)

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  6. Wayne

    Wayne Senior Member

    Ashland, Oregon
    To connect my above post with the topic of this thread (brain inflammation). It doesn't seem inconceivable to me that oral infections, including root-canaled teeth, can be responsible for various kinds of inflammation of the brain. I have a book that delves into the role that oral infections can have on brain health. It details how various oral spirochetal bacteria have been found in the brains of people who died of dementia. Oral health is soooo important, not only for our brains, but for our cardiovascular system as well.
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