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Help with suggested reading for a new guy.

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by stridor, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. stridor

    stridor Senior Member

    I am a 58 year old male with multiple health issues looking for help to navigate the considerable material on this site. I will gladly do the reading and am just looking for a place to start. I found the B2 thread and am part way through it.
    I am 75% finished Hg detox (heavy childhood exposures)
    C677T++ MTRR++x2 TYMS++ TCN2++ There are others but these in particular have my attention.
    Colon removed for +100 polyps - condition related to methylation disturbance and low glutathione
    History of mood disturbances (Bipolar) in remission since starting mercury and methylation tx
    ME/CFS significantly improved since 08/2012 with mB12 1 mg S.C. daily. mfolate 1 mg daily. B2 300 mg +
    Poor absorption of B2 - I take RDA S.C, daily plus 300 mg oral - any less = parathesia. I have seriously bottomed out on B2 twice.
    B2 absorption helped with probiotics. mfolate taken sublingual as does not seem to do much otherwise.
    Biotin is another important aspect of tx.
    I am here because I still have residual brain-fog and lower (but greatly improved energy levels), memory still an issue.
    Mitochondrial panel is concerning and I haven't begun to address anything there.
    I am not asking for people to do my work for me, just give me a nudge in the right direction :) Thanks, brad
  2. stridor

    stridor Senior Member

    Never mind folks, I understand how this site is organized now that I have had more time with it. The one question that I would like an answer to is whether mB12 in any amount by injection can lead to cobalt toxicity. Is this known? I would like to experiment with 2 mg/day deep S.C. brad

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