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Helmfrid & Edsberg: "Malmquist Paints an Ideological Picture of ME/CFS"

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by mango, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Sten Helmfrid (senior lecturer/associate professor in physics) and Johan Edsberg (medical doctor) recently published a couple of articles on ME/CFS in the Swedish Medical journal Läkartidningen. They criticise a book chapter on ME/CFS with a strong biopsychosocial bias.
    The articles have already been mentioned in another thread, but I think this definitely deserves its own thread :)

    The main article has now been translated to English, and is available on ResearchGate.

    Helmfrid & Edsberg: "Malmquist Paints an Ideological Picture of ME/CFS"

    Below are links to all the articles in Läkartidningen (make sure to read the comments sections too!):

    Helmfrid & Edsberg: Färgad bild av ME/CFS

    Google translate, English ("Biased presentation of ME/CFS")

    Malmquist: Jag fäster stor vikt vid bekräftade biomedicinska fynd

    Google translate, English ("I attach great importance to confirmed biomedical findings")

    Helmfrid & Edsberg: Experter betonar en biomedicinsk grund för ME/CFS

    Google translate, English ("Experts emphasize biomedical basis of ME/CFS")
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