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Health body warns many UK areas have high Lyme disease risk

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease and Co-Infections' started by AndyPR, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. AndyPR

    AndyPR Senior Member
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  2. justy

    justy Donate Advocate Demonstrate

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  3. keenly

    keenly Senior Member


    Do you believe that Lyme is natural? I do not.
  4. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    That's a nice map, @justy. Apparently the Big Tick Project complied that map by asking vets throughout the UK to count the number of ticks they found on dogs each week, and to send the ticks to the University of Bristol for identification.

    If you zoom into the map, it will tell you which species of tick were found on dogs in your area, using a colour coding scheme:

    sheep tick Ixodes ricinus (shown as a green dot on map)
    hedgehog tick Ixodes hexagonus (yellow dot on map)
    fox or dog tick Ixodes canisuga (violet dot on map)

    It says here that in the UK, Lyme disease is known to be carried by the above three ticks.

    It looks like in France they are suddenly getting concerned about ticks, and are creating their own tick map:

    France launches 'tick alert app' in frantic bid to map Lyme disease explosion as blight 'moves North'

    The articles says that France now gets 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease per year.
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  5. Hip

    Hip Senior Member

    By the way, for those with Lyme, did you see the following thread about a Lyme patient who was cured after 18 months of daily mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mild HBOT), using a home soft hyperbaric chamber:

    Long-term daily mHBOT and full recoveries w/ ongoing maintenance | Phoenix Rising ME / CFS Forums

    Because Borrelia are more-or-less anaerobic bacteria, the increased blood and tissue levels of oxygen arising from HBOT may kill Borrelia, and that may explain the success this patient had with HBOT.

    I speculated in this thread that breathing pure 100% oxygen supplied by a £300 oxygen concentrator machine, and via a decent non-rebreather mask, might be almost as effective as using mild HBOT (which is far more expensive, costing around £5000 for a soft chamber).
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  6. slysaint

    slysaint Senior Member

    Where else(?) :eek:
    Maybe a certain Professor there might like to offer her help?
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