The 12th Invest in ME Research Conference June, 2017, Part 2
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Discussion in 'General Symptoms' started by Fuzzyhead, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Fuzzyhead

    Fuzzyhead Senior Member

    Anyone else's head always one of their main issues? When my head feels a bit clearer I feel loads better in general. Last few days my heads awful and it makes me really fatigued and feel off balance and foggy headed. I just feel so shattered x
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  2. hangininthere


    Yes, my head is a main issue. My brain fog holds me back big-time.

    On the rare occasion my body feels up to getting up and moving and getting something done, when my brain fog is extra bad, I still can't get up and get anything done. Hate when that happens.

    My head is rarely relatively clear. My body rarely feels able to get up and move.

    The natural antidepressant St. John's Wort capsules help me feel more clear-headed, and give my body more energy for a brief time before I'm laid out flat with Post Exertional Malaise, but it gives me side-effects - raises my high blood pressure and also makes me unable to sleep. So I'm usually too afraid to take it. I need it every day, though.

    The St. John's Wort doesn't help though when I'm in a flare or having post-exertional malaise. Nothing works then but to rest and ride it out.

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