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Has anyone tried not talking about your illness over a long period and seeing if it helped?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Willhm, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. stridor

    stridor Senior Member

    Powassan, Ontario
    My Dr uses everything at his disposal PubMed, google scholar...wherever he can find the information. "Dr Google" is supposed to be a derogatory term suggesting access to inferior information gleaned from internet searches. Everyone here knows that sites have either wheat or chaff and all of us to varying degrees have the innate ability to differentiate between the two. Or we would still be sick instead of getting better.

    Of course, we get to stand on the shoulders of guys like Fredd and Rich. I am luckier than some here. I only had ME show up after the internet. It must have been a nightmare before.
  2. MeSci

    MeSci ME/CFS since 1995; activity level 6?

    Cornwall, UK
    It was even more of a nightmare than it is now. At least we can contact other sufferers now and make some sense of it all. In the past, one was just left lost and bewildered for years, completely at the mercy of ignorant 'experts'.
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  3. Beyond

    Beyond Juice Me Up, Scotty!!!

    Murcia, Spain
    Hoho that is me! I really have to stop placing little scientific speeches over and over again to my parents now that they have understood what I have (I really never did that to friends when I had them). And stop talking about how shitty I feel. Feeling less shitty as I heal will help lol I am quite OCDish so I really understand what you say and agree fully.

    But yeah, as others said, healthy people believe that if you do not talk or think about it you will magically heal. That is because these blessed persons actually believe it is all in your head. I just believe that talking less about this illness is a marker of improvement, normally because you feel better and not really the other way around.

    stridor Woo I want that doctor. And about that new "mental illness"... Nice move allopathy! Just in time. But only the unaware will let that trap them. Which although still numerous are less everyday.

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