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Has anyone tried Fluconazole? (while tested negative to Candida)

Discussion in 'Fungal Infection (Yeast, Candida)' started by redrachel76, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. redrachel76

    redrachel76 Senior Member

    I have not tested positive for Candida but am thinking of trying Fluconazole for general ME symptoms or to see if it will help my bowel problems.

    Has it helped anyone who tested negative to Candida in conventional tests?

    An alternative doctor gave me a fluconazole prescription and I thought it might be worth having a go with that with my GP . Prescription Antifungals are the only thing I haven't never tried.
    I have already done the anti candida diet with no change. I don't react well to garlic or oregano oil. I always seem to digest prescription drugs better much than "healthy" foods like garlic and wheat which give me terrible stomach pain.
  2. Aerose91

    Aerose91 Senior Member

    I have taken it along side nystatin. I did test positive for Candida but I can't say that I felt much of a difference while taking it.
    If I'm not mistaken you need to have liver enzymes checked every month when on fluconazole, so just keep a doctor aware that you're on it.

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