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Harvey Whittemore sued

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by kravitz, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Daffodil

    Daffodil Senior Member

    dr. mikovits is very involved in the lipkin study so she isnt totally tied up
  2. GoWest


    Daffodil, your comment reminds me of a great Bible story about Joseph. His brothers plot to kill him, then sell him as a slave to Egypt. He gets put in prison, falsely charged, (unlike the Whittemores) then gets out, becomes second in the land under the Pharoah and ends up saving his entire family from starvation. His comment to his brothers? "YOU meant it for EVIL but G_D meant it for GOOD."
  3. LaurelW

    LaurelW Senior Member

    Last time I looked, people were innocent until proven guilty in our justice system.
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  4. Firestormm


    Cornwall England
    I swear you couldn't make this up even if you wanted too:

    Lobbyist Harvey Whittemore strikes back at former business partners

    'Nevada lobbyist, developer and lawyer Harvey Whittemore shot back Wednesday at his former business partners who sued him last week, filing a $180 million federal lawsuit claiming they were guilty of racketeering, extortion and fraud, and saying they threatened him and his family with death if he didnt follow their orders.

    Tom Seeno and his brother Albert Seeno Jr. sued Whittemore in state court on Friday claiming he embezzled millions from their joint-venture, Wingfield Nevada Group Holding Co. claims Whittemore denied.

    Weaving together descriptions of thugs, breaking legs and safes filled with jewelry, Whittemores suit claims the Seenos, including Albert Seeno Jr.s son, Albert III, are associated with organized crime and known felons, and are under investigation by the FBI and the IRS. He claims they forced him to transfer all of his assets over to them leaving him with losses in the hundreds of millions.

    The Seenos own an interest in the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, the Rainbow Club and Casino in Henderson and Western Village Inn & Casino in Sparks, the suit said.

    Reno lawyer Kent Robison, representing the California-based Seenos, said the suit was retaliatory.

    Weve looked at it. Its garbage. Its a desperate act by a desperate man, Robison said. But most important, game on. We have three or four witnesses to his confession (of misappropriating funds).

    The Seenos lawsuit claimed Whittemore controlled the Wingfield books from 2007 and 2009, and misused and abused the companys funds. When they allegedly confronted him in 2010, their suit said, Whittemore allegedly confessed.

    Whittemores lawsuit said their allegations were part of their plan to discredit Whittemore and force him to comply with their demands.

    Albert Seeno Jr. threatened to go to the FBI with information that he allegedly had regarding these alleged improprieties; that he would personally bring down every member of the political machine in Nevada including references to the U.S. Senators, said the suit filed in U.S. District Court in Reno.

    Seeno then asked Whittemore if he believed in God, and told him to gather his flock on Sunday and pray, the suit said. Seeno allegedly threatened that when he was through with Mr. Whittemore he would be disbarred and behind bars; that they would spend Mr. Whittemore into the ground, the suit said.

    And Seeno allegedly said that he would bring down any business or friend associated with Mr. Whittemore and that at Mr. Whittemores funeral there would not be one person in attendance, according to the suit.

    After Whittemore and Tom Seeno combined their various business and created Wingfield, its fair market value stood between $500 million and $1 billion, the suit said. When Albert Seeno Jr. bought in, Whittemore used part of that money to reinvest in the company, the suit said. At that point, Wingfield owed the Whittemores about $30 million, the suit said.

    To maintain balance, the Whittemores borrowed money from entities affiliated with Tom Seeno, the sit said. Over the years, Whittemore borrowed about $20 million, the suit said. The Seenos then used that debt to force Whittemore to turn over his assets to them, including real estate holdings, vehicles, jewelry, cash, wine, furs, art, a Steinway piano and the homes of their adult children, the suit said.

    At one point, a large, very ominous and burly man went to Whittemores home, made Whittemore open his safe and dumped everything in the safe into a bag and took it with him, the suit said.

    On Feb. 5, 2011, Albert Seeno III allegedly told a Winfield employee to call Whittemore and tell him that, if the Seenos didnt get their money from an entity called BrightSource Energy, that he (Albert Seeno III) was going to personally fly to Reno and break Harveys (expletive) legs, the suit said.

    The Seenos allegely owed the IRS more than $500 million in taxes in 2009, so they allegedly told Whittemore that if he didnt help them with their tax problems, all of their companies would go down, the suit said.

    Whittemore helped them defer their taxes, the suit said, and when economic forces left many of their investments floundering, Albert Seeno Jr. allegedly targeted his anger at Whittemore and began the threats, the suit said.'

    More here:

    What is it with Nevada? :cool: [gangster look]
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  5. In Vitro Infidelium

    In Vitro Infidelium Guest

    Wingfield - owned by Whittemore and Seeno - was/is the owner of Redlabs - the company that was supposedly doing a fantastic job of translating the WPI XMRV tests into something valuable for people affected by M.E/CFS. If the true ownership of Redlabs had been made public, rather than disguised by the registration in Harvey Whittemore's name - which he did as manager of Wingfield but neglected to record that fact in public documants - would anyone have taken Annette Whittemore's constant protestations about wanting to make Redlabs/VIPdx part of the WPI ? UNEVX which is now part of WPI was a new creation not a transfer of Redlabs/VIPdx to the WPI, and anyway why would the Seenos give the business away ? The WPI did manage to negotiate $200k in licencing fees from Redlabs, but there's now no certainty that was legal given the claims the Seenos have made. The big question in all of this is, if the Seenos are such dreadful people, why did Harvey Whiitemore not do a due dilligence test before going into partnership with them and does that not raise fundamental questions about the fitness of the Whittemores to ever have been involved in setting up a research institute ?

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  6. oceanblue

    oceanblue Guest

    It's probably wrong of me, but the only response I have left to all of this is astonished laughter.
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  7. Athene


    Yes I'm laughing along with you. There's nothing else we can do!!! :D:D:D:D

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