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Hansa center, American Biological Medicine

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS Discussion' started by Martial, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Martial

    Martial Senior Member

    Ventura, CA
    Anybody here ever heard of biological medicine or more speficially the Hansa Center in Wichita, Kansas?

    I have been under the care of an LLMD for Lyme but something just really struck a cord with with me from Dr. Jernigan.

    Most importantly I did not want to use antibiotics and definitely not long term as I kind of felt a lot of people actually make themselves worse from severe herxing, I did not know much other options for treatment though and I have very debiliating late stage neuro lyme so needed something to re align my body and health for sure.

    His practice focuses on integrated and stabilizing the body as a whole, and treats many chronic "dis ease" states constantly mentioning that labels are not important, but rather we need to address all dysfunctions happening and give the body what it wants to heal..

    He also seems very helpful for people with Chronic Fatigue and M.E. as its the same basis of treatment for all dise ease states, though the programs for each are extremely personalized by what each person needs individually!

    Here is a link to his site

    He has some really great articles and health tips on their as well, he has also written two books and one which is very helpful called Beating Lyme, though this book is extremely valuable for things like CFS, Fibromyalgia, and many other things as well! It goes into some essential therapies and various ways to help re align and center the body again and fix any dsyregulations that caused "dis ease" in the first place..

    I really think this is an extremely promising treatment module and the guy definitely seems genuine and WAY ahead of the curve in medicine from other things I have seen, I had alread intuitively felt out that certain things in my own treatment were not beneficial or harmful and was contemplating on therapies similar to how his works.. Then low and behold I found exactly what I suspected to help the most! LOL

    I think the main idea behind Dr Jernigan's approach and Biological medicine is to treat the body pathways, and immune system to create a state of self regulated health, where the body can take care of any invading pathogens perfectly well on its own and a secondary emphasis on clearing any overloaded toxicities, bacterial, parasitic, or viral loads, etc..

    His approach involves his own created system called circuit healing, studying both natural and anthroposophical medicine I think these are sometimes used, Botanical medicine, and the biological medicine, he also created over thirty of his own medicines, and has really interesting tests to treat sources of body dysregulations called computerized regulation thermodiagnostics. They also use a multitude of things like FIR Sauna, Bio mat, lymphetic drainage, de tox ionizing baths, deep tissue massage and release, and other similar things at the clinic... I really wish I could afford to go myself :/ For now I am trying to heal with his protocol from the book and getting similar therapies in my own area..

    it seems extremely promising and I am definitely using it myself, and making the choice to opt out of long term pharm grade antibiotics.

    Anyways I hope this helps other on here and maybe if someone does follow through with a similar therapy or doctor to maybe give an update on how it went, or they already had seen someone!

    I believe there are other clinics connected to Hansa in Europe as well..
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  2. maryb

    maryb iherb code TAK122

    no-one on here been to the Hansa Centre?

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