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Glutathione: How long does initial detox last?

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by lizw118, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. grapes

    grapes Senior Member

    Oh, I'm having a hard time understanding a few things.

    1) You stated "Some b-complex components can drive the need for folate and potassium too high." Are you saying B-vitamins can result in needing higher amounts of folate and potassium?? I've been on b-complex for over a year at the following:

    25 mg Thiamin
    20 mg Riboflavin
    50 mg Niacin
    20 mg P5P
    500 mcg Biotin (but I tae 500 mcg to 5000 mcg more, switching out on bottles)
    150 mg Pantothenic Acid

    ...Yet Spectracell says I'm still borderline in P5P, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid and folate. So i've increased. But please explain.

    2) Next you talk about CoQ10 shooting BP up when one gets these nutrients working well...are those "nutrients" the MeCbl, AdoCbl, methylfolate and carnitine?? I'm on such high amounts of CoQ10 that I'm curious what in the world may happen.

    3) When you say your potassium need went up as you increased folate....you are saying it fell, correct?? Did you have symptoms of that fall?? I do believe that happened to me on the higher dose of folate I tried last year i.e. I didn't build up to it.

    4) You stated: The symptoms that change the same day or next are usually healing symptoms. Suddenly worsening or appearing symptoms on the third day or so after a change are refeeding syndrome symptoms and need to be corrected and will respond starting in hours to enough of the right nutrient.. Heal well.

    I'm very unclear what is meant there by "need to be corrected". Corrected with what?? How do I know with what??
  2. Freddd

    Freddd Senior Member

    Salt Lake City
    The methylfolate is the only folate, in my experience, to cause MeCbl to have a little longer serum half life. Folic acid, folinic acid, vegetable folates make me excrete in urine the B12 more rapidly. I am taking enough that it is visible in my urine and differences are always visible and obvious. While I titrated MeCbl injections (subcutaneous), on folic acid 2.5mg of injected MeCbl is visible in the urine. When I started 400 mcg of methylfolate the visibility started at 4.4 mg. At 4000 mcg of Metafolin daily without ANY folic acid 7.5mg was the barely visible point. At 30 mg (30,000 mcg) of l-methylfolate daily the barely visible level was again about 7.5mg injected. That is also the amount that generally diffuses more strongly into the cerebral spinal fluid, by trial of many of us who inject B12 BY NECESSITY. for people with a chronic low cobalamin in the CSF; CFS, FMS, MS, Parkinson's, ALS, Supra Nuclear Palsy and others.

    During a set of trials, inspired by Japanese high dose MeCbl trials, done by 2 of us we determined that 7.5 mg would cause continuous neurological healing slightly faster than it is breaking down. THat had to be done 4x per day. 3x10mg a day also worked for both of us. For him but not me 2x15mg injected daily worked. His subacute combined degeneration was healed enabling him to to get off disability as an EMS and having to have a walker (Zimmer in UK) to have his job back and carry people on stretchers up and down hills and stairs and the like. I got my sense off location in my legs and drop toe back and working normally and avoided a wheelchair so far for about 9 years. My CNS continued to deteriorate while my body healed so my nervous system was worst when my body was mostly better.

    Now lets see you get rid of those symptoms and see what is left. That is how things get chased down. Once you have the healing solidly going the new symptoms will generally fit the pattern on the refeeding syndrome pattern. It gets easier as you go on. Having groups 1, 2 and 3 symptoms pop up when using MeCbl/AdoCbl and Methylfolate happens and are deficiencies of potassium and methylfolate. So one increase doses until the symptoms start fading which can happen and be noticed in hours. Folate can be healing and deficient on different parts of the body at the same time until you get the folate symptom free dose.

    Then with glutathione, B12 pours out in my urine at the same rate as if I were injecting 60mg MeCbl at a time instead of 10 mg. Yes, the B12 will get to your cells as long as you have gotten rid of enough glutathione. The longer they stay in serum instead of urine the better. That will start more healing requiring more folate and more potassium. That is a good reason to take 1000 mcg, usually enough to get healing going but not as over5whelming as 5mg nominal. Remember, onnly a freaction is disturbed. I have said, determined by actual trial that a 5mg sublingual held long enough is equivalent to a 1 mg injection, the "usual sized" injection in the USA. Research indicates that MeCbl healing is dose proportional topping out at 3-5 mg absorbed (injected). However, dose proportional doesn't mean that is is a linear proportion. My estimate is that

    I would hope you would use the fumarate if that is what has worked for you. That is what works best for most who have specified so, to me.

    "(unlike when B12 was over 2000 with deficiency symptoms)??" Grapes, it isn't deficiency of MeCbl. It is methylfolate deficiencies and/or potassium deficiencies which can be dangerous. Seriously. When you see the group one symptoms you could end up in the ER or worse if you don't take enough potassium. One way to get some (not enough) is "NoSalt" (potassium chloride) sold in supermarkets as a substitute for salt. Potassium gluconate comes in bulk packages and tablets. I take about 700mg (4 teaspoons, 20 ml) of potassium in each 15 ounce glass of water, 2-3 a day and I take 800mg of tablets with each meal (2). It has little taste, unlike the chloride. And the chloride has a lot more potassium per 1/2 teaspoon and can be added to food. I can barely keep my potassium under control, much more difficult than most people.. "Unstable electrolytes" are normal with some genes I have which is fortunately rare. I also have the usual folate problems and need LCF instead of ALCAR.
  3. grapes

    grapes Senior Member

  4. Lolo

    Lolo Senior Member

    "One way to get some (not enough) is "NoSalt" (potassium chloride) sold in supermarkets as a substitute for salt."
    I had a tight chest with potassium chloride. A bit scary so I stopped all my supps and then felt a bit better.

    I ordered a bottle of potassium gluconate tablets not realising that there was a powder but there is not much potassium in the tablets.

    So I am having an extended break from taking stuff.
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